Takamina declared the start of the 2nd Chapter of AKB48 in today's Music Station

  August 31, 2012

~Footage from AKB48 theater and Maeda’s final greeting to fans, “Everyone, thank you so much for supporting me for over these yeas (deep bow)”

As you all know, Acchan made a surprise appearance at the balcony of the building that has AKB48 theater in it.

Acchan: “(Because it’s very crowded) please take care when you go back home.”

After the theater Stage, Acchan and members gathered together at the back stage.

The camera captured the scene where Acchan and Takamina were hugging each other tightly.  Their eyes were full of tears. Other members who joined the Stage were surrounding them. Kojiharu was shedding tears.

Takamina: “I will work frantically so that you will want to make a comeback.”

Acchan: “Make me feel that way….”

~VTR ends

Tamori-san: “I think that was crocodile tears, right?”

Takamina: “What are you talking about? LOL Tamori-sa~~~n!! It was genuine tears~!! Wow I’m so surprised~”

Tamori-san: “So how was Tokyo dome?”

Takamina: “I was so moved… You know, there were only 7 audiences 7 years ago…”

Tamori-san: “Yeah it was…. 7 people… So you guys did Job-Well-Done party?”

Yuko: “Yeah we did. We held the party after the theater Stage (on 27th). And everyone were crying so hard, but….. especially….”

Tamori-san: “Who?”

Yuko: “This girl was crying soooo much hard (pointing to Miichan).”

Miichan: “yeah because I finally realized the fact she is graduating and I cried 5 years worth of tears.”

Yuko: “She was like “Acchan will no longer be with us… I miss you sooo much!!! I’m feeling so lonely!!!” She was like a child. haha”

Tamori: “Did you talk with Acchan after she graduated?”

Yuko: “Yes. I stayed at her room at the night of her graduation performance (on 28th) and I also stayed at her room after previous live recording of Music Station (on 24th)”

Tamori: “Wow Okay”

Announcer: “And Takahashi-san was named General Manager.”

Tamori: “What’s this General Manager thing???”

Takahashi: “Honestly I have no idea what this is all about, as AKB48 will have this position for the first time.”

Tamori: “You heard it for the first time on that announcement day?”

Takamina: “Yeah, I’ve never heard of it before. The announcement came out of blue. And everyone has been making fun of me!! Somehow, maybe because it matches my image, some call me, Soucho!!” (*総長/Soucho: Boss of mafia or gang groups in Japanese)

Mariko, Miichan, Kojiharu: “Soucho~~~”

Yuko: “Takahashi Japan☆”

Takamina: “I’m not Takahashi Japan as well!! Somehow this word has become a favorite of Oshima-san…”

Tamori: “So what’s the role of General Manager?”

Takamina: “I don’t know…. But Akimoto-san jokingly said, when something happenes, it’s me who will in charge of press conferences…..”


Takamina’s speech before the song performance of “Gingham Check”

AKB48 has realized our long-awaited dream, a 3 day Tokyo dome concert, that we’d had held since the creation of the group.

It’s 1830m from the small theater in Akihabara to the  the full house audiences at Tokyo Dome. We could walk this distance thanks to your support as well as the fact that we didn’t give up.

And with Maeda Atsuko’s graduation, we, AKB48, will set out for the new chapter: The new 1830m.