AKB48 Watanabe Mayu made fans laugh with her Self-Deprecating joke: ‘I’m Always 3rd Place!’

  June 13, 2015

This year’s Sosenkyo posed yet another challenge to the last year’s champ as history yet again favored Sashihara Rino. The 21-year-old is trying to move forward, but finishing 3rd in Oricon daily chart race with her new single “Deai no Tsuzuki” stings.

As if trying to remind her of a taste of defeat, she was stacked in the 3rd place in June 10 Oricon Daily chart. Same old, 3rd place.


“Something tells me No. 3 and I are now in a relationship.”

Yahoo Japan’s headline reads “Mayuyu finished 3rd again: ‘Yay! I’m Stuck At 3rd Place!'”
YAY!! Third is now where I belong! It’s Good!
Whether or not she really meant what she said, at least that’s how she would like see it.

Perhaps a lot of uncertainty surrounding her career for the past months is slowly consuming her — Primetime Drama “Shoten Girl” starring the superstar idol in her prime (as a J-pop idol) had less-than-impressive ratings. Fuji TV initially ordered total 10 episodes of the drama adaptation of the manga series of the same name, but the show was canceled at the 9th episode.


Tatakau! Shoten Girl recorded extremely low ratings for Fuji TV’s prime time drama due to its poor scripting.

Mayuyu: “Have you guys watched Shoten Girl?”
Fans: “Absolutely Yeassssssss”
Mayuyu: “Good! This is like viewers rating of 100%!”

Encouraged by fans’ response, she went on to another question.

“How many of you guys watched ‘Deai no Tsuzuki” MV?”

But even though the 350 fans in front of her were there for her single’s release event/promotion, their response was lackluster with few of them raising their hands. Damn people… You’re there for tactile contact with the beautiful goddess alone? You came there (for the event) to commemorate her new single and you didn’t even take a few minutes to watch MV? I’d rather cut my hands off than to ruin her day like that….

Her response was genius though, and it made a headline:

“It’s like 3.6… 3.6% viewers rating…”

Perhaps this is a kind of routine for her and her fans that they tease her, and she takes it as an opportunity to make a quality self-deprecating joke.

Earlier on 755

Mayuyu: “Yay!” (in response to fan’s comment ‘I Know! You’re so Cute Mayuyu’)

Mayuyu: “There’s no such person.” (H/T: asjas48)
Mayuyu: “I’m UNPOPULAR.”
Mayuyu: “Sayonara.”

On the bright side…

PomuPomuPrin shows up to support his/her long-time fan Mayuyu. Earlier this week Mayuyu rejoiced on twitter after she found out the Sanrio character followed her back.