Atsuko Maeda’s Graduation Made ‘It’ The Hottest Tokyo Suvenior

  April 13, 2012

Have you ever heard about “AKB48 Tokyo Pastel Sand”? It’s a name of snack, for which members of AKB48 give appearance on their package. The company produces this snack rolled eccentric AD campaign for the snack, from hijacking whole interior of Tokyo’s Yamanote-line trains with AKB48 ads to swapping conductors’ voices for announce with Takamina’s (高橋みなみ). If you never heard about the snack, and you have a plan to visit Japan in the near future, then you’d better take a note!

This snack is only available at vendors in Tokyo station and Shinagawa Station, which is the next stop to Tokyo station for Shinkansen, which gives this snack a premium value. But recently something happened and that has added this snack far more premium value. What’s that?
Yes. You are so good at guessing. That’s the graduation of Atsuko Maeda. The snack’s current package has Atsuko on it, but there is a rumor that soon she will disappear from the package since the company will cease the production of package with current design by the middle of this month, and to re-design it without Atsuko!!
That only makes the snack essentials for AKB48 enthusiasts, but this is not gonna end at this level. Inside the package, you’ll find a brochure, which members of AKB48 are printed on, along with the snack itself of course!
Now that Atsuko’s graduation is an inescapable fact, not only package but brochure also has a premium value for all AKB fans. Is there any chance you can grab it? Currently, yes, but you’d better hurry to grab a (one-way, of course) ticket to Tokyo!
BTW, some reports that AKB48 Pastel Sand has a mysterious texture…. they describe it gooey that when split into 2 pieces they stretch like soft putty… sounds like turkey ice cream? But it looks more softy softy.
But as my Otaku metality says, for this matter, “what counts is OUTSIDE don’t be deceived by quality of snack!!” lol Who cares! I am gonna buy tons of them even though the snack makes me barf!!
According to those who actually bought this snack, current red package has strawberry cream biscuits inside. And the company will launch Maccha(Japanese Thick Green tea) version in the middle of Apr. If you closely see the photo above, you can see biscuits with creams inside in 3 different colors. Strawberry in the left and maybe Macch in the center. So probably the speculation comes from the release of Maccha version that it will replace strawberry version not on sale together. Think about it, it’s natural strawberry flavor is Spring-limited!! Oh no, the speculation must be true!

Afterstory Calm Down You Can Still Buy Tookyo Pastel Sand With Acchan On 

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