Cutest Cookie Monster Exists In AKB48

  April 30, 2012

Yesterday, at Sunday’s shake-hand event in Tokyo, Mocchii got a up and down, as she was gifted her favorite frog-shaped cookie, someone took the first bite of this cookie. Though it sounds pitiful of her, it turned out the person who took frog’s left eye from her was the cutest cookie monster ever.

Yesterday’s G+ Wrap Up “Mocchii: Who bit my Kero-Chan Cookie’s left eye??”

Mocchii G+

Yesterday, Otamaru wrote a comment on my post,
“I found a thing perfectly for you!!”
so I was wondering what that is…..
Then she presented me this Kero-Chan Cookieた(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥
Thank you Otamaru♪
*Otamaru = Akicha

Mocchii “It looks yummy~(´˘`)♡”
KoMariko “Mocchi-san It looks fantastic(丿^ω^ヽ)”
Mocchii “0048 event now。”

(After about 2 hours later….)

My Kero-Chan Cookie…

Guess what happened to her?

Now it’s like this(笑)

Her eye……

Who do you think bit her left eye?(。•ﻌ•。)

The answer is….

Acchan !!!!!(゜ロ゜)

(After 3 hours later)

We wrapped up today’s shake-hands event Pi!

And Mya Kero-Chan Cookie is now only lips….

I gave Kero-Lips to Unatame (♡˙︶˙♡) 

*It’s not bullying(笑)