AKB 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo Began! (and 2 other stories about SKE48 and Momoka)

  May 22, 2012
Voting period of the election has started this morning and ends on 5th June 

Probably all our eyes are now on the election and  upcoming announcement of early result tomorrow. But before the election, how about taking a little time to celebrate SKE’s great achievement they accomplished over these years?
Just before the start of the election this morning, SKE48 made a great milestone with their latest single Aishiteraburu.

According to Oricon, SKE48‘s single sold 472K copies within the first week after the release, making it No.1 single in Oricon weekly chart last week. This result brought SKE48 a honorable achievement that they topped Oricon weekly chart for 5 consecutive singles from Banzai Venus released last March.

Japanese music scene has only 4 girls music (listed below) acts achieved this record.

Pink Lady (9 consecutive singles), Onyanko Club (6 consecutive singles), AKB48 (12 consecutive singles) adn SKE48 (5 consecutive singles).

For songwriter and music producer Yasushi Akimoto, SKE48 is the 3rd group he produced reached this milestone.

So the election has already started this morning, and Momoka Kinoshita, our dark Cosplay princess uploaded a photo which definitely let us take peak of what she was trying to do in her election appeal comment video.

Momoka Kinoshita

“The cameraman for Smart Magazine also took this photo for me as a favor!!^ω^
You can see his reflection in the photo…”

She is actually cute! So good that someone understand her style.
Meanwhile this news website is hyping up the election mood with this poster, which without a doubt dubs the election “Battle Between Yukirin and Yuko
 Early result will be counted at AKB theatre and announced on AKB’s official blog and AKB48 Mobile tomorrow on 23 th May.