Yukirin Knows Mr.Mets, Mayuyu Revealed Her Face Without Makeup!

  May 4, 2012

Yukirin Knows Her Family Living Abroad!

Admist the Rino Sashihara’s 300 updates within 24 hours challenge on G+, Sashiko revealed an email from Yukirin!!

Sashiko G+
“I got email from Kashiwagi-chan. I thought she attached a weird photo, but then I found Kashiwagi-family!! So many Kashiwagi-chan!!!”

Both Yukirin and Sashiko are from Kyushu island and both are famously Hello-Pro Ota. Many fans see this as Yukirin’s cheer and support for Sashiko that she can use this as a funny material for her G+ post!

Amina removed Sashiko from her circle on G+

Yes it’s real and I found this on live-updating thread of Sashiko’s G+. Many fans reacted with positive comments like “I don’t know this is a good move as a member of AKB but for me I feel I’m becoming Amina-Oshi…” “LoL I thought again someone made up a total lie… but lol it’s true!!” “Come one I want to drink Sake with her!!”
as the consequence, this happend….
Amina Satoh Explained Why She Removed Sashiko From Her G+ Circle
Mayuyu Revealed Her Face Without Makeup!!

Sashiko G+

“I was given this photo from Mayuyu for today’s my challenge!! ItadakiMayuyu!! SuppinMayuyu!!” (Suppin: plain face)

What is this T-shirt she is wearing!!! lol Wait she maybe don’t have eyebrow hairs?
Anyway put aside those crazy thoughts, I’m moved by how members are helping Sashiko accomplish her challenge!! And I love this Mayuyu with glasses!!

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