After all Maeda Atsuko’s 2nd single ‘Kimiha Bokuda’ sells pretty well

  June 27, 2012

It’s actually amazing that it sells over 130K without handshake event!!!

Flower  Kimiboku
mon ***,*** ***,***
tue 102,483 *65,635
wed *28,571 *23,784
thu *14,201 *10,490
fri *10,104 **7,116
sat **8,695 *10,563
sun **7,311 **9,537
total 171,365 127,125
week 176,967 136,212

This number is about the same as the number of votes she got in the last election.

This is good news!! Acchan, congratulation!!!

So she proved that she can make a living as a professional singer….!

And needless to say, the songs of this single are pretty good.

Yeah, selling over 130K copies of her second single without handshake tickets means as a solo musician, she can stack up to other professional music act!!!

Uhmmm so she won’t hold handshake event anymore, right…..? (´・ω・`) 
It’s too late to regret that I didn’t go to the handshake event held a short while ago….  

I hope they won’t make any peculiar barrier between Acchan and AKB members after she graduates…

Because the song is good, I bought the single!
(I heard a lot of voices that Kimiha Bokuda is not at all embarrassing to buy at record storesbecause it’s album artwork doesn’t look like typical girly idol’s one and actually songs in the single are pretty nice.)

I think this is very nice song actually.

She is real. Think about it, if this single sold with handshake tickets, most of us would buy multiple copies, so it would at least sell around 300K!! That is absolutely amazing number!!

Kimiboku theater version.

Price: 1,000JPY

Regarding “Atsuko Maeda’s Special Live Concerts”
Maeda Atsuko will hold her first solo concerts after her graduation from AKB48 in Tokyo and Kobe. These concerts will mark the beginning of Atsuko Maeda’s career as a solo artist.

We have 4 ver. of special live concert DVD

1. Tokyo (night)
2. Tokyo (day)
3. Kobe (night)
4. Kobe (day)
The DVD also contains making of and off-shoot footage as well as an interview with Atsuko Maeda. Each version contains different footage.

The special live concerts will be held on September 9th at Nakano Sunplaza Hall in Tokyo, and on the 22nd at Kokusai Kaikan in Kobe.

Purchasers of Act.1-3 (Limited edition can join the lottery for these live concerts.

Flower theater version

Special mini live concert and handshake event

Sep 4 2011  *max 8,000 people
Sep 18 2011  *mas 8,000 people
Sep 19 2011 *max 8,000 people

Randomly selected one photograph from total 10 different photos.

Acchan made it!!!! I think this gives her a confidence to continue singing career ^^

If she sold with handshake tickets, the it would reach 160K or 170K…. Why she didn’t do that??
Anyway, even so, this single sold more than Mayuu and Sashihara’s debut singles… which is quite amazing.
By the way, was Tomochin’s 2nd single sold with handshake tickets???

I’m not Acchan Oshi, but I think the lyrics has captivated hearts of her fans….. I would say, music-wise, this is a nice single.

Any good news about Acchan makes me happy. All of these cheerful songs really suits her.

I bought the single because of Kimiha Bokuda, but then I found the masterpiece called Migikata!!!

Seeing her singing with joy on music TV shows makes me so happy….
Honestly I thought Flower is a bit hard for her to sing….

I’m expecting that if this single will overtake Mayuyu’s Synchro Tokimeki, then Acchan will be the No.1 in female solo artist category in Oricon chart, and that would lead her to get offer to join Kohaku Utagassen…….

The real thing will be revealed when she will release the next single after she graduates AKB. Now she still benefits from “AKB48 brand”.

But AkiP will continue doing songwriting and producing for her anyway.

Even singer Yuki, who can fill Tokyo dome with over 50,000 audience sells around 20K copies for the first week with DVD bonus, so 130K is more than enough for a young rookie singer.
If she will mainly focus on acting, then her first goal may be, however small her role would be, to appear in NHK’s Drama.

I’m worrying AKB without Acchan rather than Acchan…..
I’ve started seriously worrying about this….

So have you ever sung this song in Karaoke? You’ll understand how awesome she is as a singer.
It’s actually not that easy to sing the melody of Kimiha Bokuda in pop taste.

Uhmm I somehow can understand what you mean…..
Difficult parts are verse or bridge rather than hook, right?

I bought this song even tough she is not my Oshi.
Regardless of whether it’s hook or other parts, this song has really nice melody.
It’s render and brisk, but somehow I feel loneliness of graduation from this song….
The first part of the lyric, “Komorebi no mitsudo de, Mousugu Natsudayotte Kazegaoshieru (The wind tells me with the density of sunshine filtering through foliage that the summer is approaching )”
By the way, when I read through the lyric, it felt like AkiP’s love letter to Acchan^^