MariAtsu: Maeda Atsuko x Shinoda Mariko

  July 11, 2012
This is fan thread to support Maeda Atsuko and Shinoda Mariko.
Now only one and half month is left before Atsuko’s graduation.
By all means, we will keep this thread alive until her graduation!!!!
Let’s look back this pair’s history together!!

And please help each other by sharing videos and pictures!!(*`ω´)人(∵)

Finally MariAtsu thread has come!!
Thank you~~~~~!!!!

Though this combi is very popular,
It soon dropped from the list and relegated to data log (because few people, like 5 comments a day, updates the thread), so we can’t keep our eyes off.

The only person Mariko does things like this to is Atsuko.

Huhh… this is too much heartwarming~~~~~(ー´∀`ー)

I don’t think deparenting is a right word to describe this, but I’m a bit sad that these days AtsuMina is getting mainstream while MariAtsu is kind of forgotten….
Atsuko used to be always attached to Mariko’s back ^^
Certainly now AtsuMina is more mainstream.
But even though the first person Acchan confessed that she is thinking about graduation was Takamina, Mariko was also told in 2011,
so if you ask me, it’s like “Acchan told her big sister after she consulted her best friend.”…. this is my interpretation.
So the bond between MariAtsu is and will ever be unshaken!!
Though this is what I picked up from another thread…..^^;
Ow….Ow Oown…… MariAtsu thread… thank you so much!!!
These pictures above are so cute and nostalgic…. and at the same time they make my heart hurt and I almost weep.
What a perfect thread for me!!
I love smiling Atsuko and her tender gaze to Mariko in Ponytail to Chuchu.
Yeah yeah…. MariAtsu in PonyChu is the best of all pairs….

I hope they will make a lot of memories before Atsuko graduates…..
Right after Acchan’s graduation announcement, she said, “Atsuko didn’t say ‘when” she will graduate. It might be 20 or 30 years later.”, and I really thought this remark reflect their relationship and Mariko’s personality.
Handshake event report by a resident of Mariko fan thread

Mari: “Woww You are the first for today!! Cograts!!”

Me: “Somehow I get so nervous because I’m the first….. lol”
Mari: “Why~~? I think you are always the first, right?”
Me: “No~~ It’s not true~~~”
Mari: “Yeah~~~ It’s not true~~? So did you buy Acchan’s CD?”
Me: “Yes!! I bought it!!”
(If you buy her CD at handshake event venue, you can get a paper bag with a design themed on Acchan!!)
Mari: “I love Acchan’s song so much~ Have you listened to the song?”
Me: “I haven’t yet! Please sing it!!”
Mari: “E~~~ Nyanya lol”
(I sang together with her, but we couldn’t reach hook of the song lol)
Me: “Why don’t you sing the hook!! lol”
Mari: “I don’t remember the lyrics of the hook lol”
Me: “Wha~~~~~t??”
Mari: “What it’s like? Something like ‘Kimiga Daisukida~~~’??”
Me: “yeah…. yeah….” (we sang together lol)

LOL I love her easy-going personality !
So Acchan call Mariko without “Chan” or  “Sama”??
Is there any member who call her without any honorific?
Nyan and Yuko call Mariko, “Marichan”, by the way.
Right now I can only think of Tomochin, Miichan and Okaro.
yeah yeah, Tomochin, Miichan and Okaro call her Mariko.
As for Takamina, though she calls Mariko, Mariko-sama in TV etc. but I actually think she might call her Mariko, though this is completely my personal image of Takamina.
This is Mariko’s interview from AKB documentary….
(At Seibu dome concert)
Acchan has become in really bad condition, it had been already really bad since the lesson.
During the Stage, before Flying Get, it had come to the point that she even couldn’t stand up, so for the time being we let her change her clothes.
But because it’s impossible to perform Flying Get without Acchan, so we talked about what we should do if she really can’t join the performance…

(Skip: She talked about something like “Even though there’re many members, no one can replace Acchan.”)

(When she won Janken tournament and became a center)
Center of the group is someone who plays a central role and leads the group.
I understand pressure that Center must win No.1 in the election because she is Center.
Plus, she works harder than anyone else in the group.
Acchan said “Even if you dislike me, please don’t dislike AKB!!” in her wining speech for this year’s election.
I thought the fact that she could make this speech means she is a very strong person.
Probably, even if you have this word in your mind, it takes a lot of nerve to actually speak it to thousands of thousands of people.
But what she meant was…… it’s okay to dislike me, but even so, please keep loving AKB48….
Her feeling that she wants people to love AKB48….. I was struck by how much she loves AKB48…..

Mariko really loves Atusko.
She loves her from an eye of her mother, her sister and her best friend….. She really cares about Atsuko…..
Mariko said that Atsuko and Minami helped her to develop a friendly relationship with 1gen members, and she thinks she owes a lot to them….
I feel so much love even from small expression brief exchange between them….
You can see how strong Mariko cares about Acchan when you see Mariko’s face as she was listening to Acchan’s graduation announcement….
She is not just crying hard like Sashiko, Akicha or Lovetan, but she is staring at one point, not moving a single bit, just shedding tears….
I hope they will keep good relationship…
I always feel something special from Mariko’s affection to Acchan….
Do you know any blog posts from Acchan to Mariko?
There’re so many posts on Acchan’s blog, but these are the posts I carefully selected.

In the past, when Mariko turned up after Mariko hadn’t showed up in AKB’s work for long days because of other work, Atsuko was rushing to Mariko, crying and shouting, “Mariko~~~~!!!”. This episode grabbed my heart. 
As I read this thread, I remembered this…. Atuko is too cute, isn’t her?

Both are so cute~~~~~!!!!

MariAtsu are so cute….. Their relationship is truly beautiful….
MariAtsu is da best! (in Fukuoka-dialect)

The close bond between MariAtsu will last forever!!