SKE to start construction of their Exclusive theater from September. Full renovation will be done!

  July 27, 2012

So they won’t move to another place…

They just renovate a little…

During the renovation, they will travel to other venues inside and outside of Nagoya.

SKE48’s theatre to be fully renovated and become an exclusive theater for SKE48. The construction will start from September. They will hold the final Stage before the renovation on August 29. During September they will hold Stage performance in other venues inside and outside Nagoya (AKB,NMB,HKT theaters).

Is this Komuro-effect? Finally Avex has gotten serious about the game….

It will take about three months to complete the renovation, probably. How many performances will they hold in other theaters?

I hope they will make a lobby space.
Personally I also want them to make seats like what the NMB theater has
It’s hard to stand up the whole time when I come to the theater all the way from a rural area…

They announced this in April,
Announced the specific date in July,
the construction will start from September….

The announce of KKS’s promotion may take as much time as this…

Takayanagi “Please finish the construction as soon as possible!!”

Anyway, there’s an outside live concert space across the street of SKE theater,
So how about temporarily using the space for their Stage during the construction?

How will Yoshimoto react to this….. whatever, to some people’s eyes, it looks that they are expelled from the theater…

Kyoraku gave them money,

or Yoshimoto has found another nice place…
which is a decisive factor?

↑Or avex gave them money?

We just gotta start from this floor plan…


1: Lobby
3: Theater
2: Shop & Cafe
I think this would work fine.

Among all the 48 groups’ theatres, it’s the only theater that doesn’t have trapdoor. Will that be added with this renovation?

And SKE’s current venue is very narrow and deep, what will they do about this?

Because AKB and SKE’s theaters were in just a normal office and commercial complex building, they have a weird floor plan, with many columns that cut off the view of unfortunate audience….

I think it’s difficult to make a trapdoor coz its ceiling height is very low.

So when SKE holds Stage performance at other theaters, they don’t use trapdoors?

They do use in some songs.
They used HKT theater’s belly button (Circle-shaped space that sticks out from the stage) in Ookami to Pride and Wimbledon ni Tsuretette.

Theater-wise, NMB and HKT have really good home venues…
Even though it’s the worst kind of seating position, you can relaxingly watch sitting on a chair.

So… will they be able to complete the construction by fall!?!?

Will they refund DMM’s subscription fee for September? lol