Takamina: I can do nude if I get paid 400 million yen (TV show Gachi-Gase)

  July 20, 2012
How much would it take for you to do Nude Gravure?
※From TV show Gachi—Gase

Top idols who are at the height of her career are paid 100 million~ for her nude shots
※Telop “How much does it cost to see AKB’s Takamina go nude?” (telop = all captions show up on TV screen)

To Takamina: “200 Million?”
To Takamina “300 milllion?”
Takamina: “Another 100Million!!”


Who will benefit from this… ? lol

Warota (I LOL’d)

But if it’s an order from Kojima-san, it looks like she is willing to do nude for free.

Please don’t do that… I beg you… I would even give you 400 Billion to stop you…


I will benefit greatly from this one….

So would it ever be possible that she will be paid that amount of money?

Note: There still hasn’t been any offer for her yet.

If only she has (gorgeous) breasts….

Even if I could  pay her 400 million yen, I wouldn’t.
I want to give her enough so that she will never lack money to eat Katsu-don though

It would be the first time in the human history that a flat-chested woman gets paid 400 million yen for her nude.

Are there any other members who will do nude if they are paid 400 million yen?

Among over 200 members, I bet 90% of them will.

I don’t think so  (teary eyes)

I heard once Nitta Eri got a 400 million yen offer for nude when she was at the height of Onyanko club boom, but she rejected it.
*Onyanko club: the idol group that Akimoto Yasushi produced in 80’s

What would she do if  an “Oil tycoon” Ota from Indonesia paid this much money?/////

Dare I say this…. but….
“There’s no demand.”

Alright I’ll pay !!

I think if it’s 400 million, it may become true??

Actually it’s a more meaningful way to spend our money rather than buying tons of the same CD.

You guy’s reactions(‘A`): “WhaaaayyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! (sounds like Takamina herself)”

If she gets 400 million, she will never be in trouble even if she retired right after the nude.

Let’s get real. If we are seriously willing to pay 4 billion, how famous of a celebrity can we get to go nude?

If I saw a nude shot of Takamina, it would probably be so shocking that I would claim her 400 million yen for the damage done [to me]!

I kinda want to see it, but I kinda don’t want to see it either…

Maybe it’s time to start collecting funds for “Takamina’s nude shots”

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