Why Kimoto Kanon-chan wears a cardigan in Future Girls Swimsuits Gravure….

  July 11, 2012
As we already know, Moemo has such a nice figure~!
I’ve never seen Kanon-chan’s decent swimsuits body yet….

She never reveal her Bikini body……
Even if she does, it’s kinda like Fake Bikini…..

It’s just her age. It can’t be helped.

Age has nothing to do with this.
Joe-chan already revealed her Bikini body….

I think, for now, this is the limit for Non.

Wow…. She has such a Promising body!!!

Uhmmm actually I feel sorry for Kanon as it’s so awkward to see her wearing a cardigan among all girls who are in revealing Bikini……
I think Kanon wanted to dress in the same way as others, partly because breasts are one of her attractive assets….
While 13-14 y/o members of Hakata can show off their body like this, what wrong with Kanon!?!?
Sakura-tan also keeps her guard so tight….

Maybe because SKE is very strict about sexual exposure??”

・She is Ace
・They don’t want Kanon to sell out in a cheap way
・SKE is strict
Then why they make Rena for such boundary pushing kind of Gracure…… (Reference)