Winner of the audition for the Drothy’s role in Miyamoto Amon produced Musical ”Whiz” is……

  July 2, 2012
Miyamoto Amon on twitter
(Breaking news) Musical “Whiz”, Masuda Yuka-san is selected to be the main cast of the musical.
(By satff)We will announced all the casts for the musical later.

AKB48 member Masuda Yuka won the audition for Drothy’s role of Miyamoto Amon produced musical “Whiz ~ Oz no Mahoutsukai (Magician of Oz)” (from Oct at Tokyo international forum etc.). Today, on July 2, they held the final screening for the audition which contains dance, acting and singing screening. After it’s announced that she won the audition, Masuda expressed her determination, saying “I give it my everything, my 160% or even 200%.”

The decisive factor which lead her to win the main role of the musical was the final screening, “Singing”. Masuda, who is known to have one of the most outstanding singing ability in AKB48, sung “HOME“, the song Drothy sings  in the musical, for the screening, fully using her body to enrich the expression. It had been concerned that her looks make it difficult to play a role of a girl in her teens. She cut her hair short, colored her hair for the first time in her life, and wore clothes her manager selected for her to look younger as possible. She focused so much on the performance that as soon as she finished the performance, she burst into tears.

 Miyamoto Amon, after the audition, commented, “As I listened to Masuda-san’s singing, I couldn’t help but cry so hard. I was like “Damn!!” because her singing conveyed magnificent worldview filled with enormous love. Everyone was outstanding but she went beyond comparison. The moment she finished singing, I started to have a determination to work with her. “ Masuda, smilingly said, “Until this moment, I’ve never devoted my life to anything…. somehow I’ve always had energy to spare, and I hated myself like this.  But I met this musical, I gave it my 120%. I was given a chance to sing at such a wonderful place…… and as I felt that I was so happy, tears flew out of my eyes, because I was touched very deeply…  This is gonna be the turning point of my life, or…. how to put it? I will grow out of my old self like 10 times through this opportunity? lol” She vowed to “Re-Born”.

Musical “Whiz” is planned to be held from Sep 28-30 at KAAT Yokoyama art hall, and from Oct 18-28 at Tokyo international forum hall C, and several other venues in Osaka, Nagoya. Other casts includes Issa, Rachi Shinju, Ehara masahiro, Mori Kumiko and Koyanagi Yuki

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Chief editor of scramble egg magazine on twitter

Amon-san had tough time to decide between Umeda-san and Masuda-san.
Amon-san said “Dance-wise, Yamamoto-san and Umeda-san are clearly the top.”