Mariko-sama…… Please don’t make Tomochin sad…. (and 2 other topics on Jurina and Paruru)

  July 2, 2012
From Ucchi’s blog “Today’s RESET Stage was Tomochin’s Sentansai~~~~!!”

Yuko encouraged Paruru

Shimazaki Haruka on G+

“I ponder upon various things in the night….”

“My personality….
Doing things at my own pace too much, Clumsy, Grumpy, Shy, Stubborn.

I have no good character….

What can I do?”

Fans “Paruru!! Yuko commented on your previous post!!”

Oshima Yuko “(in reply to the first comment) I can feel you…. What Paruru is thinking in the night?”
Oshima Yuko “(in reply to the first comment) Oh… Good luck with Majisuka!!”

I do my best for Majisuka!!
Thank you so much!!

Happy birthday to you♥

Maeda Atsuko

“My personality….
Doing things at my own pace too much, Clumsy, Grumpy, Shy, Stubborn.

I have no good character….

What can I do?”

I feel nothing wrong with above (fanmade fake) post. I just thought like, “Oh, Acchan made come-back to G+ after long time!!”

It’s so rare to see Yuko made more than one comment on someone’s G+ post…. Last time I saw this on Acchan’s post.

But…. that means Yuko felt how much Paruru felt depressed….?

Mariko-sama…… Please don’t make Tomochin sad…

Itano Tomomi on her blog

So today is the last day of the 20th year of my life.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, my birthday~~♥ lol

What will I do for the last day of my 20th year?

Itano Tomomi on twitter

Mariko: I’m so upset… How can I dare to say that I forgot Tomochin’s birthday….( *;`ω´) By the way, this means Atsuko’s birthday is approaching…… How many birthdays we have in one month…. lol

Tomochin: I can hear you…… I’m…..sad…… (Kaomoji)

Tomocihn is being truly sad…. Kawaii….

Things like this happened during the MC of the last year’s AX, so I mean it’s not that rare for members to forget other members birthdays… even though they are very close to each other.

Despite tweeting such a shocking comment, if it’s Mariko, she’s already prepared a birthday present for Tomochin.

Mariko: So we have so many members birthdays this month ( *;`ω´) I should manage to get through by saying “Oh really> Your birthday? I didn’t know that~( *;`ω´) ” or I try to pretend to listen to music and be unable to hear anything…. lol

3rd is Tomochin, Acchan and KatoRena’s birthday is 10th, 11th is Tojima Hana-chan (graduated member), 14th is Sayanee, 15th Yukirin, 16th Hilary, 19th Komori, 22th Moeno, 25th Nakamatta~, 26th Sayaka, 27th Rena and 30th is Myao, isn’t it? ( *;`ω´) I would go bankrupt ~

Mariko: Oops!! Tomochin!!! No!! You misunderstand me!! There’re reasons for this, “blah blah blah”!! Uhmm ANYWAY only a little time has left! Count down will be starting \(^o^)/

Tomochin’s Stylist: (in replay to Tomochin’s tweet “My 20th year will be over soon~~(^ー^)ノ”) So are you okay with dating with me in my private jet and have dinner together just like we did last year?

Tomochin: Definitely No~~~( ;´Д`)

Mariko: Okay!! Then…. I will go to pick you up by bicycle!! And let’s date together in Yokohama, I think this is your long time dream( *`ω´)!! So…. I frantically pedal a bicycle….. !!! lol

Tomochin: I haven’t said such a thing (⌒-⌒; )

Mariko: (right after it turned 3rd July) Oh!!! Happy birthday\(^o^)/ Tomo!!!

Kojiharu: Tomo(бвб) Happy birthday~~♪

Mariko: A short while ago, Nyaro called Tomochin, Tomo for the first time in all these 7 years lol

Tomochin: Thank you~~~\(//∇//)\ Bring me to the sea~~

Mariko: Yea….yeah… so…. because I don’t have a car license, can we go by train?? lol

I LOL’d at that Mariko calls Yamamoto Sayaka, Sayanee….. How many years older are you than Sayanee lol

Uhmmmm N Nacchi’s birthday is July 1st….

I feel sorry for members whose birthdays are in July but Mariko didn’t mention…

This conversation conveys nothing but the fact that Tomochin is such a nice girl.

So why in the world Tomochin is so cute!?!?!!? Please register this girl as a world heritage!! She heals all human being!!

Shinoda Mariko on G+

Tomochin Happy birthday~~~

Iriyama Anna on G+
Tomochin-san, Happy Birthday~~~♥
Spiritual counselor, Kanbayashi Chieko-san is awesome(>_<) I want her to examine me(>_<)

Kashiwagi Yuki on G+

Tomochin-san♪Happy birthday(・U・)
There are so many members who were born in July!! (←Including Yukirin-san)

Saru-Obasan’s member introduction: Juirna

Nishiyama Kyoko on G+

Today’s (July 2nd) AKB48 theater, we had RESET Stage by team K + Naana, who has been promoted a short while ago + 13gen Yuirin (Murayama Yuiri) Takashima (Takashima Yurina).

1. Tomochin’s Sentansai
2. Yuko-chan and Jurina performed on the same stage together for the first time!
3. 2 members were absent…. (Sayaka-chan and Miichan (ToT))

In Sentansai, Tomochin, who is usually cool, was shedding tears as she was listening to a letter from her grandma…(^_^)

Sentansai is a occasion that “fans” celebrate members birthday. (produced and executed by fans)
But it’s not only fans who are at the theater, but all fans of a member send their celebration to her.
They say “Wherever we are, I’ll be your side! Congratulation!!”

Anyway, today’s “Saru-Oba asked her” is Jurina.

I asked 2 questions to her.
The first one is very straight forward., I asked her current feeling(^_-)
Now she hold a concurrent position in team S and K, and says this is the biggest change in her career.
“Weakness” that everyone has can make her/him strong in a true sense, I believe….
And of course, “Depend on somebody” is different from “Being spoiled” (^_-)

 I can sometimes rely on somebody

Nishiyama Kyoko on G+  
Saru-Oba asked her vol.2 ~Jurina~

When Jurina first came to AKB48 theater as a member of team K…. I don’t think I put it into word in a right way, but you indiscriminately talked to people at the theater.
All staffs who were talked from you looked so happy, and it left an impression in me.

By the way, a short while ago, Tokunaga Hideaki-san had a face-to-face talk with Jurina, and the reason Tokunaga-san started to recognize Jurina is Jurina’s cheerful greeting to him (Please read related post below), I was told by him.

Greeting is the must-do in our daily life.

But because it is must-do, we must ask ourselves if we sometimes neglect must-do’s?
Actually things must-do are not things that we can easily do.

Thank you Jurina for answering to y questions.
“Good job for today, and hope we will have a wonderful tomorrow!”

Do Must-Do’s

Saru-Obasan actually does a fantastic interview!! You know, she let Jurina, who dropped due to overwork and too much tension, wrote “I can sometimes rely on somebody”…..

Jurina is frolicking to Tomochin…. (In Japanese, frolic and rely/depend/spoil sometimes can be described in the same one verb)

From Tomochin’s blog

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