Second Matsui Jurina emerged at HKT’s 2gen audition

  June 24, 2012

They found a super rookie in the audition for 2gen members of HKT48. On 23th, after the final screening of the audition, 34 girls has been selected for tentative candidate for HTK48(‘s KKS). That super rookie was among of them. 7th grader girl from Fukuoka-city, her name is Tashima Meru (田島芽瑠, 12 y/o).
“She is the second coming of Matsui Jurina. Finally we see the coming of next generation’s center.”, Mr. Akimoto sent her the greatest compliment not only as a member for HKT but whole AKB project.

She sung Waratteitainda by Ikimonogakari for the singing screening for the audition. “I want to be a sunflower. Even though I can’t become theSun (:center position), Sunflower blooming to the Sun. And some day, I want to become the Sun for someone.” Her strong appeal-message captured our hearts.

Judges unanimously praised her, saying “She has an aura.” Mr. Akimoto, who has seen countless of idol-wannabe girls raved about her, “Her smile as she is talking after finished singing tells she is an inborn idol.” He stated he got as huge impact from Tashima as he got from Jurina in 2008.
Tashima-san reads more than 20 books a month, serving as a reporter for local newspaper.
I want to become an idol like Oshima Yuko-san who can make everyone smile.” “I’m so surprised with the fact that I passed the audition. First of all, I need to be recognized by fans, then I aim to catch up with Sashihara-san and senior members.”, Tashima-san expressed her wishes.

And she was in the audition for Morning Musume last year….. 


So you are again telling a lie…..
Oops it’s true!! lol

Wait, he already forgot Joe (team M’s Ace)!?!?

Please avoid being a repeat of Joe-chan….

Oh come on…. I want you to compare her with Jurina when she was as old as her.
Jurina was (and is) stunningly cute….

It’s so mysterious that we see the once-in-ten-year talent in almost every audition…..

So who have been said to be “Super Rookie” by AkiP so far??
I don’t know anyone except Jurina.

The most famous one is Joe Eriko.
According to him, the whole reason they created AKB and SKE is to find this girl.

Yama-chan (Yamasato Ryota): “It was amazing… I don’t know to which extent I can drop but honestly…. Akimoto-san… uhmm maybe I shouldn’t reveal this but…. he said “I kind of feel that the reason we created AKB and SKE is to meet this girl.”

I don’t think he found super rookies in every audition, as he was a little disappointed with the audition for 3rd generation members of NMB.

And those 3gen’s Stage performance is actually being received well by fans.

So HKT48’s 2top will be Tashima and Sashihara…..
How unlucky 1gen members are lol

What wrong with Yasusu’s eyes lol

I think when AkiP publicly state things like this, she would have a wrong idea and become too proud of herself….. Though I can understand that he can’t help getting high when he sees his favorite talents…

It’s almost certain that AkiP is not a good judge of talent when we’ve already seen how Jurina and Joe is doing now…..

LOL When Jurina made her appearance in team K’s stage, she was like a shining star.

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If this girl will become a big star, the person who will be shocked the most would be Tsunku…. (:Producer of Morning Musume, former member of Osaka-based band SharanQ.)

I don’t think we should care the fact that she was rejected in Morning Musume’s audition,
Because we all know Tsunku is a worse judge than AkiP.
1gen of HKT48, especially Kodama will find herself in a though situation….
If this girl will become a regular member, then Senbatsu member from HKT48 for AKB48‘s single would be surely given to her….

Tashima Meru

Uhmmmmm (perplexed)
Look guys, she will transform into goddess within 3 years!!
She is actually a decent level of cutie!!
Yeah she is cute in this photo.

I don’t know she is a super rookie, but she is reasonably cute.

I think she will become stunningly beautiful….. “name-wise”….

It looks like she is a model-student type of girl…

So, she may be a kind of type that will transform into a big star….