Idol Ranking – Which will be the next top idol group?

  September 23, 2012

HKT has arrived!!

I think they should remove SKE and NMB from this poll as they are selling more than Momoiro Clover Z LOL

Or rather I should say, Momoiro Clover hasn’t made their breakthrough yet.

But in terms of the ability to attract crowds to concerts, Momokuro is outstanding, I heard.

↑Among high school students, Momokuro is considered more fresh and cooler than AKB48 nowadays!

After all, strong promotional push from mainstream media is essential in this business…

Which means, it’s not about record sales but polarity among the general public that matters….

The oldest member of Momokuro is as old as Mayuyu and Paruru, right?

So they’re younger than folks like Shimada or Yokoyama. I think they can still go bigger.

SKE or NMB, they sell a lot, but that only means they’re popular inside the AKB48 fandom.

They aren’t known to the general public that much, or worse, they’re considered as a part of AKB48, so ordinary people hardly name their names.

If you’re talking about recognition rate, I think it goes like “HKT > SKE > NMB”, which is corresponding to the ranking.

That’s all thanks to Sashihara who makes a regular appearance in Waratte Iitomo on every Wednesday.

Naturally she and her group will be known among ordinary female people.

How about the sales figure of Momokuro and SKE’s album?

I think Momokuro slod their 1st album total 80K copies.

SKE’s 1st album “Konohi no Chime o Wasurenai” will reach 100K until the end of the first week.

So, men prefer Nogizawa.

Sure. Compared to SKE48 which somehow has a image of AKB48’s 2nd team,

People prefer the idol group which has the firm concept “Preppy” and find more possibility in them!

They’ve made it their unique character that they don’t increase members and don’t have an exclusive theater for them.

I think it’s great to see HKT48 has made such a great leap in this short period of time!!

After all, most of them, or I should say all of them will disappear before they make a breakthrough.

Looking at sales number of Momokuro’s singles, they haven’t much increased the sales.

2012 Oricon Single Ranking

***1 : 181.7万枚 … AKB48 「Manatsu no Sounds good !」
***2 : 143.7万枚 … AKB48 「GIVE ME FIVE!」
***3 : 125.6万枚 … AKB48 「Gingham Check」
***4 : *64.8万枚 … Arashi 「Wild At Heart」
***5 : *61.9万枚 … Arashi 「Face Down」
***6 : *59.3万枚 … SKE48 「Kataomoi Finally」
***7 : *58.1万枚 … SKE48 「Aishiteraburu!」
***8 : *55.8万枚 … Arashi 「Your Eyes」
***9 : *44.8万枚 … NMB48 「Nagiichi」
**10 : *37.7万枚 … NMB48 「Virginity」
**11 : *37.6万枚 … NMB48 「Junjo U-19」
**12 : *37.2万枚 … Eight Ranger 「ER」
**13 : *34.0万枚 … Kis-My-Ft2 「WANNA BEEEE!!!/Shake It Up」
**14 : *32.0万枚 … Kan Jani ∞ 「Ai deshita。」
**15 : *31.5万枚 … Kis-My-Ft2 「We never give up!」
**16 : *29.9万枚 … NEWS 「チャンカパーナ」
**17 : *29.1万枚 … Hey!Say!JUMP 「SUPER DELICATE」
**18 : *27.6万枚 … Mr.Children 「Inori ~Namida no Kidou/End of the day/pieces」
**19 : *24.2万枚 … EXILE 「ALL NIGHT LONG」
**20 : *24.0万枚 … Kis-My-Ft2 「SHE!HER!HER!」
**21 : *22.5万枚 … Kan Jani ∞ 「Aoppana」
**22 : *22.1万枚 … Nogizaka46 「Oide Shampoo」
**23 : *21.6万枚 … Nogizaka46 「Hashire !Bicycle」
**24 : *21.1万枚 … Nogizaka46 「Guruguru Curtain」
**25 : *20.2万枚 … kimhyunjoong 「HEAT」
**26 : *19.6万枚 … BUMP OF CHICKEN 「Good Luck」
**27 : *18.7万枚 … B’z 「GO FOR IT,BABY -Kioku no Sanmyaku-」
**28 : *18.4万枚 … SUPER JUNIOR 「Opera」
**29 : *18.4万枚 … SMAP 「Moment」
**30 : *18.2万枚 … SMAP 「Sakasama no Sora」