Is Watanabe Mayu’s voice acting good…?

  September 23, 2012

Watanabe Mayu’s voice acting is too awesome….. LOL

Trailer of Anime “Nerawareta Gakuen” (Targeted School)

AKB Watanabe Mayu “I want to win Center position”

What is this?
It’s a kind of comic like Suzumiya Haruhi?
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I think it’s the most realistic for her to aim at being a professional Seiyu.

Oh this is produced by Sunrise…

What I’m concerned about Mayuyu is she is always Mayuyu no matter what kind of thing she does…
She was good in Kureyon Shinchan,
but when I hear her voice acting for 0048 and Chieri,
And when you look at Nagisa, Iwata Karen is completely acting as Nagisa. You can’t sense anything about Karen in Nagisa.
And that’s where you can see the sheer gap between the talents of Mayuyu and Karen.

Awesome voice acting, as expected.

I think it’s hard to play a romantic scene when she hasn’t experienced romance herself….

As far as I can see from this video, I think she is not that good….

I think she is just decently good.

Probably she’d been practicing voice acting at home, even before she joined AKB48.

Not that different from young Seiyu in these days.
Most of them are just playing characters with very superficial technique like just changing voice tone.
It’s so rare to see voice actresses who can play different characters in the same voice but with different style of acting lately.

↑ So aren’t you dissing Hirano Aya???

The movie looks like decent.

Somehow, the song has a sentimental and nostalgic feeling.

Sayonara no Hashi.
It’s a nice song, isn’t it.
But yeah, I just think the mood of this song is kinda similar to Ikuzinashi Masquerade….

If she can do this level of acting when she hasn’t had professional style of training, she is definitely talented, I shall say.

This is a typical example of poor voice actresses in these days!!
She speaks with too much intonation as an attempt to make it look Acting, she completely failed to “express” emotions.

↑That’s can’t be helped. Because she modeled herself on those poor voice actresses.

I won’t be too much surprised if some day, in the near future, Miyazaki Hayao picks her for the Ghibli movie.

I think she is a good Seiyu among AKB girls,
But still look pale compared to professional Seiyu.
Yeah, I know, it’s understandable coz she is not a pro.

I think her voice just naturally comes into my ears, which I think means her acting is nice.

I think most of pro Seiyu are over 20.
You can’t ask too much from Mayuyu when she hasn’t had that many experiences compared to professionals.

As I listen to her voice acting, her face comes up in my head time to time…

Looks like very superficial acting.

I don’t know anything about voice acting world, but I just want to know whether she will be able to join Gihbli’s movie or not.

She is better than I expected.
I used to be a hardcore Anime fans, but recently I hardly watch any Anime.
But I can say for sure, she is at somewhere near the level of Mizuki Nana in her early days. Which means Watanabe Mayu is talented.

Unexpectedly, she is ncei!
If she is an idol and not a professional Seiyu, she is at the decent level!

Sure, she can use intonation, and by no means you can say her acting is poor. But her acting style is not versatile.
Though you can say the same thing to idol Seiyu like Hanazawa, Taketatsu, Hirano or Toyosaki.

But then look at Tomatsu Haruka. She used to be considered one of idol Seiyu, but she’s improved herself much compared to back when she voice-acted for the Anime “Kannagi”

If Mayuyu can stack up to Tomatsu, I can’t ask her for anything more.
Mayuyu used to have more simple and neutral voice, and sound more professional.
Nowadays, her acting has become a bit too unique…

Considered her career, she is good, isn’t it?

Even Professional Seiyu sound so monotonous and lifeless when they are rookie even though they’ve had professional voice acting training.
It usually takes 2 or 3 years for them to reach the decent level.

But the thing is, there’re tons of Seiyu who have a similar quality of voice as Mayuyu,
And this is the business where Luck matters, more than your ability or skill.
So it’s not a good choice for her to focus on her career as a voice actress.

Because most of Seiyu who can make living as Seiyu also can sing songs and release records, hold concerts.
So she’d better do voice acting sometimes but not as her main job.

The two main character of this Anime, including Mayuyu, are not full-time Seiyu, so….. I think…. they may want to have more human-like feeling in this Anime, rather than impeccable acting.

Mayuyu can do anything better.
But I wonder if this is good or bad for her as an idol.
I would say being Ponkotsu is much more like an idol.

As you can clearly see in Majisukaa or Sabadoru, current style of Mayuyu is a sort of Overly Acting.
So I think Musical, Stage Drama, Seiyu or Comedy Drama suit her sytle.
But probably she will improve herself and gradually become able to act more naturally.

I think it’s because of characters she played in these Drama.
I don’t think Nezumi was overly acting, but the way she speaks suited the character.
As for Sabadoru, it’s just because the Drama was a sort of comedy.

She was just normally acting in Sakurakara no Tegami.
But, yeah, I agree that it’ll be interesting to see how she will transform herself as she obtain various experiences.

I think so too. If you say her acting for Nezumi was unnatural, I would say there’s no one like Nezumi in the real natural world LOL

I first thought she is more talented in acting than singing.
But she’s improved her singing skill so much for as little as one year.
But probably this is mostly thanks to producer Kikuchi.