Let's seriously discuss about Kasai Tomomi

  September 24, 2012

Kasai Tomimi

She won 1st place in “AKB no GachiUma”

She won 12th spot in AKB48 4th General Election

But she dropped from Senbatsu for the new single, UZA.

She's been always in Senbatsu for these years….

Due to sickness, she'd often been absent from handshake events,

Which made her decrease ranking in the election,

And many fans thought she was over,

but she won lucky wins in Gachiuma, and won the competition.

And made a great leap in the election.
She has had a lot of ups and downs.

She wasn't that popular in the old team K.

I respect her and her fans that she's become one of popular members by her popularity among Ota and her talent.

There're tons of things you can talk about her.

・She is Oshi of her agency , Hori production, and got decent amount of TV appearances in verity TV shows

・She won Gachiuma with a decisive lead, and got a solo commercial

・Dropped from First Rabbit Senbatsu, making Ota upset.

・ Ota made frantic efforts in the election and she made a great leap

・But dropped from Senbatsu for 28th single….

She used to be liked by Yasusu, at least that's my impression,

but if her agency will continue to support her, she can establish her position in this business just like Okaro did regardless of her ranking in the election.

And…. I think it's about time that they must release her photobook LOL

↑She is a bit different from Sayaka.

Actually now Sayaka never looks pale when she is in TV shows with other talents.

She has a good voice, and can deal with tough situations in matured manner. She is also a good MC and narrator.

I think Okaro is not a good role model for her as she is in a different genre.

I want them to promote Kasai more, but because Hori pro is a big agency, maybe they can't take enough care of this little girl?

But Tomochin released solo singles, and Harukyan had a work as Seiyu…..

The only concern is she often gets sick…

She's made many solo appearances in variety shows,

but I think she hasn't left a big impression…. she is not bad in TV shows, but not particularly good ,too.

She is talented in many things, and basically smart,

but maybe unless she appeals something that she doesn't lose to anyone else,

or more focus on the genres of work she is good at,

she may be going to end up just another idol.

Actually Kasai should be in Senbatsu in this kind of song (UZA) that performance matters.

Sure, she hardly leave any impression in my head when I watch TV shows that she appears on.

It's not that she is boring, but because she is just playing it safe.

Personally I want her to be a decent, professional singer…

I think she can fit in a band as a lead vocal….?

↑If you look at Oshima Mai, it's hard to imagine Hori Production will give her enough support when she said she wants to form a band…

Though many say she doesn't have much presence in variety Tv shows,

say, her kiss with Wada Akiko, being attacked by Kiyohara, being nude at home…

these things has become topics of many big websites.

I think it's Gravure. It's the shortest way for her to become popular.

She is just “So so” in variety TV shows.

In AKB, she has had less presence compared to before.

I'm not sure this is because they don't let her stand out, or because she has become less attractive compared to other members.

Her singing voice is awesome. So…. say, how about releasing a mini compilation album that consists of songs that she's performed. Singles, unit songs, it doesn't matter.

I think it would be a better record than solo singles by other AKB members.

She is popular among girls.

I guess she can be a model? But how tall is she?

Shorter than 160cm.

She basically wants to be a singer, and do something in AKB48 that will help her forge her career in the future.

Her singing voice is surely awesome.

It will never disappoint you when she sings unit songs

in shuffle.

I must say, they should have created a unit of Tomochin and Kasai….

↑It's a fault to Hori production that at first they look down AKB48 and didn't invest much money in them….

They market them as a combi for just a short time, but they should create a unit of them…

They tried to create a unit with Maimai, Tomochin and Tomo~mi.

But for some reason, the plan was abandoned.

Though Hori production was not directly involved in it, she foamed a unit with Tomochin for Kamen Rider.

After that, Tomochin made a solo debut, and Tomo~mi was left alone.

And… yeah, it's too late for her. Because… say, can you imagine they will create a new unit with TOmo~mi, Harukyan, Moeno and Myao????

Needless to say her performance skill is great,

But the thing is, it's required communication skill and self-promotion skill to survive as a talent singer.

Can you share your thoughts and impressions on this?

No brainer, she is bad at self-promotion.

She rarely update her blog, Google Pllus and twitter.

If she could sent a short message, say tweets “Ohayo~” in every morning, it will make a little difference, I guess…

Or she hasn't had to be good at self-promotion until now.

Her performance, her TV appearances, she has been doing so well that it's understandable if she just thought she can leave almost everything to her agency and management.

I think she is not a kind of person who can write texts intuitively.

Once she said she rarely sends messages to friends in the TV show.

I think, though she said she doesn't take a long time for makeup in ANN, her makeup is still too much…

Looks like she recognize her face tends to be like a hostess, so I would like her to darken her hair color.

She has a good shaped body,

I want to see sexy Kasai more!

She looks stunning in Mizugi Surprise, and swimsuits part of MVs.

Is this because she doesn't want to go Gravure? or Hori production doesn't care about her much?

Either way, it's a waste of her beauty…

↑ It's because she doesn't want to do swimsuits Gravure.

Because it seems like she is popular among women, I think it's nice if she does modeling.

Her sickness and tardiness in the past have still affected her…

Now she never comes late to events, and very energetic ion handshake events, it's so hard to eliminate an image that has established once….

Blame that Janken Real footage and the fact that AKB48 has grueling Handshake events

I don't think she can be popular if she does sexy Gravure…

After all, we like when girls like Rena or Kashiwagi do swimsuits Gravure, because of the gap between their innocent looks and sexy Gravure.

Somehow, Kasai had also been worried that whether she has to play a character to please people.

I think she is already unique enough by being just herself.

But…. uhmm it's not enough to be popular in this business??

If she wants to be a singer, she has to negotiate with her agency as soon as possible.

It's totally different whether she will make a singer debut as Senbatsu member or non-Senbatsu.

I think she will make a solo singer debut after she graduates AKB48 just like Oshima Mai.

Because she is considered one of variety idols in Hori Production,

I have an impression that she enjoy decent career both as a singer and TV personality.

Her costume for Janken tournament was so erotic.

Because it's her self-introduction in 4 seconds, she's made a decision that she will go with that image?

Let's not say “WOw, you once said you hate to be called a sexy girl. But now it looks like you're willing to go sexy because you're worried about your career?”

She is just trying to live up to expectation of fans and Yasusu that a little erotic image really does justice for her.

And Ero is just one of her unique characters. It's not everything about her.

I think not being in Senbatsu may give her more opportunities to join various kind of works, as Senbatsu members has to join many of TV shows for promotion, which makes it hard to join, say Drama or any TV shows unless she is enormously popular.

I think she may better to challenge musical?




  1. noodles says:

    Yes I like serious discussion of tomo~mi. she has sexy appeal and her strawberry voice will melt you.

  2. Mario Medves says:

    She join as guest in many tv show but she miss something.
    About a solo carrer, it’s very hard start now. The unit with Tomochin years ago was good but it was going fast to the end.

  3. KasaioshiHi says:

    Totally agree she has gotta start her solo if she wants to be serious

  4. lincolnz777 says:

    she’s pro but she’s not at the front…

  5. stv says:

    I don’t get it. Why people bashing her costume at Janken (2012 and 2011) when there’s a few girls that are almost naked? -_-“

    • kasaitomomooshii says:

      yea i totally agree with u
      its so pathetic how they talk about how erotic she is when girls are like pushing up their boobies and wearing like little to bikinis…..

      i mean shes covered up her whole body and shes just wearing a short skirt… everyone does that

      • anonne says:

        I didn’t check the source thread, but I have to guess that the term used by the original 2ch poster was something like エロい. If this is the case, maybe it’s just a mistranslation and they didn’t actually mean to call her “erotic”.
        エロい covers a great deal of nuances with some of the most used connotations being just a compliment on someone’s gorgeousness, so it’s pretty much like “sexy” in English where it can be used as a honest compliment despite it having “sex” as its root word.
        I distinctly remember how in the fashion show segment of an old AKBingo episode (after some research, turns out it was the 2010.01.06 episode) the announcer went on to describe Kasai’s clothes combination as エロい. Now, this is what the clothes looked like, which makes it clear that there’s more than one meaning to it.

        • Kevin Mario says:

          I thought when they go on AKB Fashion Show segments, the member themselves have to write their own narration?

        • Tommy says:

          I’m sure that the English word that has the most similar meaning of Japanese word Ero is Erotic.
          But the difference here is because of the word エロ has very light, or I should say Cute sound for Japanese, it can be jokingly used in conversations among close friends. But for sure, it still means the same as the original English word and not something everyone is pleased when someone describes them with this word.If you just want to compliment someone’s gorgeousness, we use Beautiful, Glamorous or Gorgeous. All of these terms are already localized in Japanese language just like Ero.

  6. Stv Wong says:

    ‘I must say, they should have created a unit of Tomochin and Kasai….’

    ^agreed on it. Horipro really should create an unit of them again. Tomochin`s single sales has been dropping and Kasai really needs the push.

    • kasaioshii says:

      yes i hope they do something quick
      actually i want her to have a photobook and a small CD to go with it maybe of her songs from AKB singing solo so people can hear her amazing voice

      if horipro gives her a unit with tomochin i think it will help both of them

  7. nanock says:

    a sub-unit of maimai, tomochin and tomo~mi… that would have probably changed the entire structure of the senbatsu if it had ever happened

  8. bentobox says:

    IMO, she should be separated from Tomochin. I don’t want her popularity simply depends on where Tomochin goes. So, I refuse the idea to form a unit of Tomochin and her. That unit would overshadow Tomomi Kasai.

  9. bentobox says:

    IMO, she should be separated from Tomochin. I don’t want her popularity simply depends on where Tomochin goes. So, I refuse the idea to form a unit of Tomochin and her. That unit would overshadow Tomomi Kasai.

  10. songbac says:

    i like her so much, and i don’t know why they don’t push her so much? She’s so cute, beautiful and has talent, a good voice, she dances very well too. Why isn’t she chosen in single UZA?

    I hope she still continues to keep her spirit for doing everything well. I think it’s a time for her to release photobook or solo debut
    I always support her

  11. lincolnz777 says:

    kasai should rejoin NATTO ANGELS Z to power up the team!!!! [pissed]

  12. AF says:

    Her voice is filled with so much Kawaii wonderfulness, can someone please ask Akimoto to allow her a solo?

  13. cryt says:

    I agree that Kasai should start working towards a solo debut soon, since she herself wants to be a singer not a gravure model(her sister’s a gravure model and former idol), which is also why I’m sort of against the idea that they make her release a photobook.

    In the past and even now, she had to deal with rude/insulting remarks about her eroticism, which like the comments said is only a character(entertaining as hell) she plays. She’s lost weight and seems to be able to handle the stress caused by how people view her, she was once bashed and called unprofessional when she posted after a handshake event how sad she felt when people would only say “ero” and make crude masturbation jokes at her.

    She was one of the first members I’ve noticed after watching AKB TV shows, she sings in some of my fave stage songs like K5 Dakishimeraretara and B5 Candy. She’s been toning down the sexy and trying for cute for the past year or so (like her cooking segments), nobody wants to be typecast or a caricature of themselves. But recently, she seems revived and hope she is able to use ALL her skills to make in it to the top.

    If Aki-P throws her under the bus in the 30th single senbatsu in favor of some 9-14th gen members push or new SKE/NMB/HKT(Meru?), it’ll be disappointing.

    • anonne says:

      Actually, her sister is a singer too. She even released her own single not so long ago, under an independent label.
      In retrospect, it’s kinda sad that she got a solo debut sooner than Tomo~mi. It just goes to show how much HoriPro is neglecting her.

      • Kevin Mario says:

        whoa, is that really her sister? 「Kasai Rion」sounds very much like a stage name… but yea, thanks for the info – you learn something new about AKB everyday! 😀

      • cryt says:

        well it’s obvious who got the talent genes in that family…. lol that song has alot of highpitched autotune. Well, I think this shows that just releasing a solo debut doesn’t mean instant recognitiion or success, since they’re promoting her as AKB48’s Kasai Tomomi’s older sister.

        Aki-P and HoriPro should tailor Tomo~mi’s solo debut (if it ever happens) for mainstream success and not some gimmicky quick single to attract otas, if they’re serious about Kasai’s long term career. And thanks for the interesting update on her sister, I had always thought that her fame eventually faded into the gravure abyss like so many other models.