Maeda Atsuko says she wants to own 2 cars” ~ “AKB Motor club” presented by Toyota

  September 3, 2012


 Atsuko: “I want to drive a stick shift. I want to own 2 cars.”

At her own expense? Or Mr. Toyoda will present her cars, because she is a PR face of Toyota and Mr. Toyoda is a fan of idols?

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She can easily afford to buy cars…

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Because she want to drive with members, she may not buy two-seat cars.
Because it’s Maeda, she will probably but foreign cars.
So it would be hatchbacks of French or Italian car brands

I have a feeling that she will be an enthusiastic car lover….

Definitely… Toyota will present her a car…. No brainer…

If it’s Toyota, I can’t think of anything but Lexus.

Does she know that parking fee in Tokyo is ridiculously expensive…?