Vietnam scaling up Welcoming Japanese Tourists Campaign

  September 28, 2012

Vietnam launched Welcoming Japanese Tourists Campaign


Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) laid out a goal to double Japanese tourists visiting Vietnam by 2015

In order to reach this goal, VNAT and representatives of Vietnamese tourism companies toured around major Japanese cities from Sep 17th to 25th for promotion of this campaign. They also put display in National Tourism Forum Travel Expo 2012 to appeal tourism charms of Vietnam.

Japanese tourist who've been to Vietnam has been increasing each year, rised from 481,500 people in 2011 to 376,000 in the first eight months in 2012 (18.9% increase compared to the same period in 2011). Japanese are the 3rd largest visitors to Vietnam after Chinese and Korean.

Let's get to 1 million!

Vietnam is so cute, Vietnam-tan, Vietnam-tan, lick lick

Gỏi cuốn (summer rolls), Vietnamese coffee and Pho….. I
love it…

If you wanna visit Vietnam, you gotta reach to the south.
North part of Vietnam has already affected by China…. Look people in Hanoi…. they've been corrupted… And that's my personal assumption…

If Vietnam is a safe country, I wanna give it a try.

Say Vietnam and Taiwan, why those pro-Japan countries have so many cute girls?
They look completely different from Korean.

Anyways, they must move their countries from China, where
people have no concept of Gratitude, to Vietnam.

I've been to Vietnam once, but I don't think I want to visit there again…

Sure, Vietname girls are cute and i love the scenery,
but it's tough that the almost all means of transportation is bike taxi….
Plus I hate rip-off merchants..

LOL Even hotels and tourist destinations are occupied by Korean and Chinese..??

Looks like my next destination after Thai will be Vietnam.

The world heritage Halong Bay

Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese tranquil village

LOL So many attractive things!!

I love pho, bun and Vietnames Coffee.
I think Vietnamese cuisine fits Japanese taste buds

I have an image that all vietnamese households have ridiculously huge speakers, but it's powered by batteries not power cables.

The Cons of Tourism in Vietnam is poor infrastructure and
there're not many attractive local foods well known to
tourists unlike Thai.

I want to go there when Korean have disappeared from there…

Vietnamese people are not Anti-Japan at all, and many of them are Anti-China, which makes me feel them emotionally close.
But their characteristics are similar to those of Chinese unlike Thai especially when you go north.
If you talk about whether they are people who you want to be friends with, you can easily get along with, or not, Thai people are far friendlier than Vietnamese.

Vietname basically has good public order, but sometimes, you may encouter police men or officials at airports who ask you for bribe.
I saw some people who were stopped by officials at airports because gossip magazines they carried were too sexual for Vietnamese standard…..

Everyone wants to go Vietnam!
Ao Dai is so cute, food delicious, their furniture and accessories are so cute.

It's good that you're charmed by Ao Dai, but Vietnam is the country where everyone, including government officials and women at street markets try to rip off tourists, so actually
there're few repeat visitors to Vietnam.
You'll know once you visit there, that it's not a place where you want to visit over and over again.

I kinda understand the real intention of Vietnamese people, but because Japan and Vietnam shares many common interests, I'm all for Vietnam.

Too many bike accidents…. I was traumatized after I saw severe bike accidents for four times within as little as one week of my trip….

Because they're influenced so much by France, the counrty
of gourmet lovers, Vietnamse cuisine taste nice.

Vietnamese girls are so skinny and unlike AKB48 girls you can easily find those “No.1 cute girl in your class” type of girls there, They have beautiful postures unlike people in developed
countries, But they have a very high moral standard, way too high, when it comes to romance.

Besides, they're not as friendly and genial as Thai or Taiwanese….



  1. Gipsy Ng says:

    I’m a Vietnamese girl ^^

  2. Jessica says:

    Been away from there for a long time, and yeah I’m Vietnamese, so I can’t say whether the people living there today are as friendly as the people in the past Though I have to agree that the elders there hold very high moral values when it comes to romantic relationships and things that are socially acceptable or sensitive. I don’t know how it is for young people in regards to that issue specifically but in terms of entertainment, I know that the teenagers are heavily influenced by Kpop. However, AKB does have fans in Vietnam and most of them aren’t the usual crazy types usually seen from Kpop fandom. AKB48 came to Vietnam last year and the fans were very welcoming of and nice to them, not like crazy Kpop fans who tried to jump on their idols at every chance possible. The girls came back to Japan and blogged that they love Vietnamese foods a lot, to which I’m really happy about. I might be bias but Vietnamese cuisine, in my opinion, taste really great.

  3. henrydang93 says:

    Do you think that there is a chance for a 48 group this year

  4. cryt says:

    Ahahaha…. there was only 1 mention of AKB and like a lot of the comments, it had random racist undertones.
    I don’t know why there is so much anti Chinese and Korean sentiments when discussing Vietnam tourism.

    I like Vietnam and there are trustworthy local guides, I think it is safe enough, lots of western foreigners have visited and documented their trips there. I wouldn’t go in the summer, my friend once told me it was unbearably humid.

    Isnt pho a well-known Vietnamese dish? I like the shrimp spring rolls and I like how you can add hot sauce for a lot of dishes.

  5. moofuq says:

    “Say Vietnam and Taiwan, why those pro-Japan countries

    have so many cute girls?

    They look completely different from Korean.”
    LOL, are they trying to say that Korean girls not cute? I agree though..