12 members of Calendar Senbatsu have been announced – What’s the problem?

  October 11, 2012

AKB48 announced it’s Calendar Senbatsu (12 members) for the upcoming AKB48 Official Calander BOX 2013.

Senbatsu members are,

Oshima, Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi, Shinoda, Takahashi, Kojima, Sashihara,  Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Miyuki, Shimazaki Haruka, Kawaei Rina, Kato Rena

Gorgeous 5 bonuses!!

1. Godly Panty (randomly selected one)

2. Photos of members (randomly selected three)

3. Total 6 sheets of customizable seals

4. Clear File (A4)

5. (Only for the first edition) Godly Panty, special big size poster!! (A2)

So they chose Milky over Sayanee… It’s hurting for Sayanee Ota for sure.

Why the hell Jurina who is basically in SKE and not as popular as Rena is here!

Sashihara and Jurina are unnecessary. They just need to release HKT and SKE versions of calendars.

↑At least she is a part of AKB48. The real thing is Sashihara. She is seriously unnecessary.

I’m worried that this will make AKB48 look less mainstream.

At least they should choose Tomochin instead of KatoRena.

↑If you just normally think, it’s not Katorena but Sashihara who should be replaced by Itano.

There’s one person who is not AKB48~~~~~!! FUck!!

This make me convinced that Jurina will be transferred to Ohta Production for sure.

My favorite choice, Kojima-san, Milky and Katorena

This one looks so nice thanks to Tomochin


Tomochin is indispensable for AKB48




Looks like the formation is meant to be/….

the 1st row: Thriving and powerful

the 2nd row: Beautiful and Kawaii

the 3rd row: Who are you?

Anyways, it’s understandable that they need to give a strong push for younger members in order to accelerate metabolization of the group, but I have a complex feeling about including Sashiko by removing even Tomochin-san…

↑This will boost the sales of Rena and Tomochin’s solo calendar, I guess…

Why  don’t they just normally choose members who sell their goods the most.

Then the answer is quite obviously Tomochin, and they can make money, everybody can be happy.

Basically Renacchi got stronger push than An’nin.


Though I’m Tomochin-Oshi, I don’ mind this Senbatsu liineup.

Either way, I won’t buy AKB48 goods, but buy any goods that feature only Tomochin.

Think about it. If you were someone who have no interest in AKB48, say, you only know Maeda Atsuko, then looking at this calendar, and who caught your eyes?

Sure, members in the 2nd row. And I’m sure it’s not members in the 1st row.

You know what? Your next choice is at the top left, which means visual-wise, Renacchi is placed just behind Kojiharu and Shinoda.

You know what? Tomochin hates to be included in Godly Panty members.

Actually this is more like a PRESENTATION than a commercial product.

This is the declaration of intent from management that they want AKB48 to be like this.