Maeda Atsuko wins the best new actress award

  October 11, 2012

After all, her acting is highly appreciated by professionals

The movie festival itself has been held for 22 years.

What familiar faces other winners are! Yakusho Koji!? Kiki Kirin!? Man, this is amazing!

Though it wasn’t successful as a business, Kueki Ressha was really nice movie for those who love artistic films.

Oshima and Maeda, the two girl are….. after all, always rivals even after Maeda graduated.

Thanks to the scandal, I think she got rid of the image of an idol soon.

It’s a good sign! She can become a good actress that can take on dirty roles or anything!!

Director Yamashita is now completely into Acchan.

Even though Kueki Ressha itself was fail, Acchan won the prize, that means how much her acting is appreciated!!

I think it has something to do with the fact Original Script is Akutagawa Prize winning novel.

For me, THERMAE ROMAE is the best movie this year,

And the 2nd one is Helter Skelter.

And the third one is Ushijima.

I didn’t watch Kueki Ressha, but it was appreciated many people I know.

Anyways, people in the industry keep their eyes on Acchan if her acting is the real thing. And sure, it will lead her next stage.