Yokoyama Yui’s 2nd anniversary day and 3 more about Mariko, IWA and Haruyama

  October 10, 2012
Yokoyama Yui

Today, Oct 10th is the day when I was promoted to team K during Tokyo Akimatsuri.

Two years has passed since then.

I’ll never forget my first resolution, but at the same time want to take a new challenges this year!!

I’ve never forgotten that happy feeling I had 2 years ago\(//∇//)\

Yokoyama Yui

Yuihan collapsed out of joy.

I was watching you from the wing.

The rain of that day was also the happy tears of Yuihan(^_-)

Ohima Ryoka

Happy Memorial Day!!

Yokoyama Yui


I was filled with tears of joy!

It was the most wonderful day of my life.


I respect her the most after Minami.

Looking back from now, I think this word has a huge meaning.

For those who don’t know much about Yuihan, for people who don’t know much about Yuihan, this is the word that gave them an idea about her, and it had a great impact that Mariko mentioned Yuihan, citing Takamina.

And it’s announced next week’s broadcast of リッスン♪ will be hosted by Yuihan, and it’ll be a Special Week.


↑ Probably she was an ideal choice because she can promote both Kitagawa Kenji and UZA.

Anyways, this is a good thing!

Yokoyama Yui

Good morning!

Today I have something that I’m looking forward to(^-^)/



Something to do with Team Bll?

I don’t think so. She didn’t even reveal her appearance of ANN, so she may never reveal such an important news.

Yokoyama Yui

I was on the photo shoot for the magazine PLANETS!

It was so much fun~♪

Please looking forward to the release (^-^)/

I will be going to go to have a lunch☆

And I will meet up with my dear member!! I can’t wait to meet her!



And the chief editor of PLANETZ tweeted he will write about Yokoyama Yui…!

Uno Teunehiro 11:47

After a lot of twists, I’ve decided to write an essay about Yokoyama Yui. In order to write down every truth about this world.


? What kind of stuff will he write about?

Communication theory learn from Yokoyama Yui?

↑PLANETZ’s chief editor… lol

He is a friend of Yushirin and co-author of “AKB Hakunetsu Ronso”~

Anyway he is a natural born Yuihan Ota. lol

↑And he is an excellent reviewer and critic of subculture.

↑x2 By the way, he’s become Ota through Majisuka, and at first, he was Rena Ota.

Yokoyama YUi

2 months has passed since the Tokyo Dome concert…

Because I had a time after I went to have a lunch, I took a photo with Tokyo Dome!!



Yuihan has such a beautiful body shape.

I gotta go to Tokyo dome and take a photo with the same pose lol

This is Y of Yuihan!!

This reminds me of Takamina is the trailer of Tokyo Dome Concert.

Is she collecting energy for Genkidama?

Though this is a back shot, I can tell her taste of fashion has been improved so much!!

Kitahara Rie 16:46

When I sighed, saying “I will be 22 next year…”

My manager next to me said with a surprise, “Whoa! Kitahara is now 21?….I thought you were 19!!”

Okay so it seems like I have a 19 years old girl vibes(๑´ڡ`๑)♥

I’m gonna be the same age as Yuihan..

↑Ohta’s manager even doesn’t know the ages of the talent that she is in charge of….

It’s kinda sad….

↑It can happen when one manager are in charge of many talents.

Yokoyama Yui

I joined the filming of the bonus footage for Shukan AKB together with Kitahara-san and Ohya-san@ ‘ェ’ @

I’m going to join the recording~♪



So it was not B2 but she was looking forward to meeting the two girls^^

I remember she once said she wants to marry Kitahara.

∈(゚◎゚)∋ UNA~

Actually this is also special for her.

She got Center position in the single artwork of Kitagawa Kenji.


Theater Verion

Actually I love the theater version.

She is even in Unit (Shirogumi) so we must buy this CD otherwise it’s very rude to NMB48 that gave a great opportunity for Yuihan.

Glasses and this school uniform really suit her well.

Don’t give us awkward laugh by that strange makeup in UZA~

↑I actually completely forgot about UZA~ Yuihan looks so cute with Glasses~!

I bet the happy work that she mentioned last time was something related to NMB48.

Kitagawa Kenji, and a coupling to the single, she is given a lot of opportunities to actually sing.

We need to pay our gratitude to NMB48.


Lately we tend to complain there’re too many non-AKB members in AKB48’s single, but when you look at some stuff that has only AKB members, it somehow looks boring at this point….

Yeah, this looks somehow lacking something essential….

Sure, and the same goes to Wonda. They severely decreased the number of members….


Shinoda Mariko

After the filming of PON, I’m eating a lunch now( *`ω´) I LOVE Meat Source♪ I’m goint to jiong the recording of Yukaina Nakama Radio〜♪


Shinoda Mariko

After the recodring….( *`ω´) With Yukori and Norochan LOL

Shinoda Mariko

Gyoi!( *`ω´)



Whoa, she is seriously trying to meet them on every Wednesday!

You know, Mariko is asking Noro and Yukari to meet together every Wednesday.

Coz they have the recording of Yukaina Nakamatachi on Wednesday, after that, they basically go out to play or eat together.

Is this Disneyland?

No this is (TOKYO) Tower.

Recently Okutama (Oku Manami) rarely makes appearance on Mariko’s twitter.

↑Because Okutama is now not working in Show-Biz, plus, I think after all, it’s much fun to play with those who’re close in age.

Shinoda Mariko

It’s not the dream land (Disney Land) but voila! Oh yes, it’s TOKYO TOWER♪ Arigatawa~♪



Noro-san, where is your waist….?

Noro-san somehow looked Shinozaki Ai to my eyes…

I think the recording of Yukaina Nakamatachi is not on every Wednesday.

Sometimes she goes to join the filming of Orikousama after PON.

Shinoda Mariko

Purikura taken at Tokyo Tower lol It as so fun♪


Shinoda Mariko 23:03

This is the night view from Tokyo Tower☆Starry night view!! This is present for you♪ Norochan and Yukarin are in the photo. We talked over tea at that late at night lol My stomach aches as I laughed too much lol I can’t explain what and why but it was soooo funny ( *`ω´) I’m soooo happy!!



Uchida Mayumi

Somehow you guys are so funny lol
Anyways, the real UZA starts delivery from today(^。^) Let’s check it out♪



LOL Where did she find this one.

Actually it’s you who are the funniest.


↑There’s one girl who’s not IWA…?


Uchida Mayumi

I’m so impressed. It’s amazing that you can make this kind of stuff.
Uchida Mayumi

I’m so sorry to do a silly thing lol
Uchida Mayumi

It’s UZA~!! Please buy ChakuUta~~~!!
Uchida Mayumi

If I’m gonna make this kind of stuff myself, I can actually merchandise it?(\。\)

No~~~ Just kidding(\。\)

Yudai Takenaka

I hope IWA is gonna be the opening theme song for Anta Dare…..