Akimoto Sayaka got awesome gift from fan and 1 more on Kobayashi Kana's letter for Suzuki Mariya

  October 23, 2012

1. Kobayashi Kana's letter to Suzuki Mariyanne – Final performance of B5th “Theater no Megami”

2. Akimoto Sayaka got an awesome gift from fan!!

KK is such a nice girl….

The last part of the letter made me tears….

KK wrote such a touching sentence….

It was touching. But I wonder what will happen when it's announced her transfer to Shanghai is cancelled?

I wonder what this project will turn out to be in the end.


It's hurting that KK wasn't selected for the Shonich performance of team K…

Nishiyama Kyoko


A photo from the send-off corner for Mariyanne, the last portion of the final performance of B5th.

After the performance, Kana-chan showed up at Theater Office.

Kana “Obachan, did you cry?”

Saru “I didn't cry. I've been watching you and your performance all the time, and I've left nothing to regret.”

Kana “When I was reading a message for Mariyanne, my hands were shaking….”

Saru “When they introduced someone has prepared a letter message for Mariyanne, I immediately had Kana-chan in my mind. Like, 'Probably this letter is from Kanachan?'”

Kana “Really?\(^o^)/”

Saru “Cheer up and let's move on!”

Kana “Gotcha!! I will move on, not losing to myself!”



  1. Mario Medves says:

    Kitarie stare too much in first photo O_O
    Okaro Rock.

  2. kamo says:

    haha somehow sayaka glasses remind me about all glasses that team K trio wear in yuko birthday party and i just know that kk and mariyane is a good friend the last part in that letter very touched me kk is very nice girl