Akimoto Sayaka studying English again at the junior high school level

  October 2, 2012

I'm perplexed…. Why did they make this a news article??

LOL'd at “Source = Ameba news”

↑Dentsu works on media to make any kinds of AKB related threads on 2ch news articles….

You know, what they fear the most is to be forgotten.

Then why does she even tell people that she has been working hard?

Reading her tweet, I have an impression she is very aggressive or even accusing someone by the tweet….

I'm worried that those who don't know much about her will have a wrong image of her…

I think it's great of her that even though her English is poor, she isn't afraid of being made fun of by the Anti. In addition to that, she has been communicating with many of foreign fans on twitter.




  1. ダンテ says:

    Sayaka is great. I love how she’s learning english so she can communicate with fans all over the world. Also it can be really convenient for later, whatever path she takes. It’s always good to know the global language.

  2. I really loveee her! Even though she might made some mistake she tried to talk with international fans, my friend’s tweet got replied, I was sure she turned to stone immediately by joy, lol. Keep moving on, Sayaka, many people loooove you and appreciate what you do <3 <3 ヽ(;▽;)ノ

  3. PaTo says:

    No español?… damn it!