HKT48’s First Namesake Show, HAKATA 百貨店 Thoughts and Impressions

  October 8, 2012

※The video is on the 3rd page

I think this is a good TV show. If you watch this every week, you will be able to remember at least half of names and faces of HKT48 members.

It’s exactly like Naniwa Nadeshiko lol

So who will guest the show next week?


Most of AKB shows are with comedians and progress very professorially,

So it’s nice to have this lukewarm but somehow familiar show at least once a week.

The only regret is Moriyasu rarely appeared in the show.

Anyways, Foot Massage and the welcome words to Kashiwagi were the only scenes that was interesting.

Anai: “With your awesome smile!”

Haruppi: “Your cuteness!”

Murashige: “And your Blackness!”

Sashihara:  “And your lame private fashion!!!”

HKT48: “We’re welcoming you!!!”

Kashiwagi:  “Oi!! They’re mostly ill words!!”