SKE Oshi and Domoto Kyodai – Thoughts and Impressions

  September 24, 2012

Nannan (Suga Nanako)'s win!

I was watching the TV show at my home with my family. When Suga's robot fell down, everyone laughed so cheerfully.

SKE Oshi was awkward and not really nice, but I'm fine because they recognized SKE48 thanks to this show!

Holly cow, I didn't know Kanon was that AHO…(stupid)

When you watch DVD of Saitama Super Arena concert,
It looks like she didn't know what “concurrency” meant when Jurina's concurrency was announced LOL

What was wrong with Da~Su~!?
She got closeups but I only noticed that she had such a rough skin!!

I'm content that I could see Takayanagi's appeal directly!!

I felt so awkward when I listened to SKE48 Oshi….

I wanted Katsuo (Kuwabara Mizuki) to be there….

It looks somehow lackluster when there's no Kuwabara Mizuki….

Yeah, previous episode was godly.
After all, Kuwabara is must for this kind of show.

Looks like thanks to Katsuo, staffs of Domoto like SKE48.

I thought the first part is for hardcore Otaku, but Churi and 3 Baka trio made it!
Oh yeah! I love Kuumin!!

Teary eyes when she won over the other two who ended up with a flat 0. Kuumin was so cute~.
Kanon's answer was actually too hilarious!

Once again I'm convinced that BBQ's looks is not something that they can air on TV…

↑And she publicly  said that she can't be promoted to a regular member LOL

Finally Kaotan has decided to work…. as an AD (Assistant Director).

It would be such a win if she could work at FujiTV as AD!!!

Nope. It means she would work for a subcontractor of FujiTV LOL

Matsumura Kaori 0:10 9/24

Looks like it's dec

ided where I will be transferred to LOL


Ideal Image


It would be nice if they have a time to have a free talk after self-introduction.

Next time, they need to have an extra 30 minutes!

I wanted Suda to do the flexible body performance…

It was a bit scary when Suda was completely demonstrating her extreme handshake….

I think Suda did a nice job!

Because ordinary people don't know much about the handshake event, they can demonstrate it in an even more extreme way, I think.

Personally I felt she was funny and nothing extreme in the show.

Rena also displayed her good talking skill as she talked in a pretty organized way.

My personal favorite is this scene.

Goma: “I'm not confident with the front side of my body…”

I guess it's his lip service as he shook hands with Akarin, but if Daigo has been really fished by Akarin, I think it would be interesting, too. LOL

Suga has something special.

Idol of science and engineering was SOOO MOE!

Nannan robot was soo funny.

By the way, it's not SKE Oshi but their new single and album they actually should perform LOL

Some say Hata should stop relying solely on her Takarazuka emulation.

But it's just when you look at things from one perspective.

For those who don't know her, Takarazuka can be a great start for one to take interest in her.

TV shows she'd demonstrated Takarazuka were ShukanAKB and BINGO! which are programs ordinary people never watch.

So that's nice of her to take the guts to do demonstrate Takarazuka in this popular TV show!

I can't be more grateful to them as they didn't treat Suga Nanako, who joined SKE48 just a little over one year ago, poorly…

If it was any other TV show, they would only feature Jurina and Rena, but Domoto Koyodai gives all members the spotlight.

Which is why I like KikuchiP. He knows what fans want to watch and can balance it with demands of ordinary audiences.

Kojima Haruna 9/23

SKE Oshi looked so fun~ Will I perform the song (B Oshi) someday☆〜(ゝ


SKE Oshi

あなたは今日でまさにゃ推し ほらSKE「スノーホワイト」
Today, you're a Masana oshi Hey SKE [Snow White]
あなたは今日でしおりん推し ほらSKE「セクシー担当」
Today, you're a Shiorin oshi Hey SKE [In charge of sexiness]
あなたは今日でゆりあ推し ほらSKE「天才ピース」
Today, you are a Yuria oshi Hey SKE [Genius Peace]
あなたは今日でのんちゃん推し ほらSKE「がんばるのん♪キャハッ!」
Today, you are a Nonchan oshi Hey SKE [Ganbarunon♪Kyahaa]

あなたは今日でなんなん推し ほらSKE「まじなんなん?」
Today, you are a NanNan oshi Hey SKE [Majinannan?]
あなたは今日であかりん推し ほらSKE「みんなも一緒にあかりんりーん」
Today, you are an Akarin oshi Hey SKE [Everyone, together, Akarinrin!]
あなたは今日であかね推し ほらSKE「アイラブバード!ちゅり」
Today, you are an Akane oshi Hey SKE [I love bird! Churi]
あなたは今日でにしし推し ほらSKE「男子系女子ご存知ですか」
Today you're a Nishishi oshi Hey SKE [Do you know the existence of a boyish girl]

あなたは今日でしゃわこ推し ほらSKE「シャイなわたしのこの気持ち」
Today, you are a Shwako oshi Hey SKE [My feelings are shy]
あなたは今日であいりん推し ほらSKE「二次元なら任せろ!」
Today, your are an Airin oshi Hey SKE [Entrust me with 2D!]
あなたは今日でじゅりな推し ほらSKE「全力投球」
Today you are a Jurina oshi Hey SKE [Giving everything I got]
あなたは今日でれなちゃん推し ほらSKE「玲奈です。」
Today, you are a Rena oshi Hey SKE [I'm Rena]

あなたは今日でまなつ推し ほらSKE「まなつーー」
Today you are a Manatsu oshi Hey SKE [Manatsuーー]
あなたは今日でかおたん推し ほらSKE「1コメダ~」
Today, you are a Kaotan oshi HeySKE [1st comment~]
あなたは今日でみきてぃ推し ほらSKE「ひーふーみきてぃ!」
Today, you are a Mikitti oshi Hey SKE [Hii Fuu Mikitti!]
あなたは今日でくーみん推し ほらSKE「ん~にゃはっぴー!!」
Today, you are a Kuumin oshi HeySKE [Nyahappiー!!]




  1. Kirito says:

    This became one of my favourite episodes now SKE oshi song is not bad its nice version, and also I didn’t know that Kanon and Yuria was an AHO as well, at least Kuumin got 1 right… Sawako looked like she was gonna die of laughter at 7:46 of video 2 ha ha
    after this episode I like SKE48 even more now(^^)

  2. blacknezumi says:

    Actually, I’m pretty surprise that Kanon is a baka. I thought that there are only two bakas on the team, Yuria and Kumin didn’t realize that they have upgrade to three baka now.

  3. lobane says:

    Tsuyoshi → Nannan
    DAIGO → Akarin
    Takamizawa → Nishishi
    Makihara → Churi
    Koichi-san, Nishikawa-san → Sawako
    simple answer by domoto brother’s band, but this episode really nice.