Tea Room Tane, Cafe run by Minegishi Minami's parents is looking for a part timer! And 3 more!

  September 23, 2012
Togasaki Tomonobu 9:00am 9/23

Wait? Is summer over already? Orz… I've left home in short pants and T-shirts… What? No! No, I don't feel cold…..


LOL Cute. My heart pounding…..♥

It doesn't matter. He will soon be full of sweat.

Don't worry. Fat guys are able to get warm quickly.
Source? Us.

Hirata Rina 9/23 9:03

Yes,it's so cold….
Kobayashi Marina 9/23 9:09

You looked so cold…!!


Today was the coolest day this summer…
The forecasted high is 23 degrees Celsius….!?

Yesterday, it almost reached 30 degrees…..
I hope they won't feel sick in this extreme temperature change…

Sashihara Rino 21:06 9/23

Insanely cold….. Please someone tell me tomorrow's weather….. Kashiwagi-chan.
Iriyama Anna 9/23 21:08

It will snow hard.



Annin made a comment on Sashihara's Google Plus for the first time??

Which means…..


Kato Rena 13:08 9/23

Today, I'll attend a lesson, again (°∇°*)/”

But before the lesson, I will go to have a meal together with my family!!!
So, yeah, what do you think we will eat (・∀・??




Looks like they won't unveil AN・RI・RE today…

Kato doesn't look different at all without makeup.

I had almost forgotten that she is still a child.

Kumawaza Serina 9/23 13:11


Good morning(ヽ´ω`)♥

Kato Rena 9/23 13:14

Seri~nu chan♥*
Kato Rena 9/23 13:23

It's not pasta (∇*)♥
Oba Mina 9/23 13:24

Rena-chan ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Rena-chan

( ˘ ³˘)♥

Kato Rena 9/23 13:24

Minarun-san cameーーー♥♥♥

Ohba Mina 9/23 13:24

LOVE YOU ( ˘ ³˘)♥( ˘ ³˘)♥( ˘ ³˘)♥

Kato Rena 9/23 13:27

Minarun-san ♥Love♥


So Renacchi is making these comments with that ennui face…..??

This is kinda interesting.

Yamamoto Sayaka 13:26

Break time during the filming~U。・ェ・。U

I'm a little sleepy~´`

Kato Rena 9/23 13:27

Sayanee-san, I like you♥♥
Kato Rena 9/23 13:28

Sayanee-san ♥Love♥


Katorena finally has changed it to “LOVE” for Sayanee !!!

Business LOVE

The DD inside Renacchi has grown quickly LOL

Sayanee is ridiculously popular among members, by the way.

Uhm, Renacchi doesn't look like this kind of person except on Google Plus…??

Suzuki Shihori 10:08

Good morningー!

Though it's a bit embarrassing to say this…
I'm an Ikemen today!!! LOL

In short, I'm dressed in Ikemen-style fashion!!d(^_^o)

Awwww I wanted to walk on a street with a cute girlfriendー♪(´ε` )www
The space right to me is now…available (^-^)/ LOL

Iriyama Anna 9/23 11:22

You called?

Kato Rena 9/23 12:52

I will go to your side~ LOL♥♥♥

Suzuki Shihori 9/23 12:59

Not just for my right side, but I want to walk with Annin and Rena on my both sides LOL

Suzuki Shihori 9/23 13:00

Beautiful girls on both sides of me…. Just picturing it makes me to be a man (//∇//) LOL

Renacchi, if you're DD towards fans, too, I'll respect you.

Our mentor Kato Rena is being DD today, as always.

So it goes like this?

DD = Katorena, ksDD  = Annin


Kawaei Rina 14:21

Today, I'm gonna go the lesson, again\(^o^)/

I'm fine as I had a curry rice in the morning♬

So yeah, let's GanbaRicchan for today♥

Iriyama Anna 9/23 14:25

I also had a curry today!


Now the only member left is Annin. If she posts “Today I will join the lesson, again.”, it will be completed.

Iriyama Anna 14:30

Today I'm gonna join the lesson, again\(^o^)/

I had a curry rice afternoon, so I'm so much fine♬

So yeah, let's GanbariAnnin for today♥

Iriyama Anna 9/23 14:31

I emulated Ricchan LOL


Looks like they've been preparing not just for tomorrow's performance?

So they'll unveil themselves tomorrow.

LOL They seem to have no intention to keep it secret.

Iriyama Anna 9/23 14:35

By the way, it was Cocoichi-san's curry rice (Coco Ichibanya). I ordered a delivery.
Iriyama Anna 9/23 14:37

Fire\(^o^)/5 Kara\(^o^)/Fire (5 times as spicy as a normal one)
Iriyama Anna 9/23 14:43

It was a bit spicy (´・ω・`)


Kato Rena 14:59

The answer is Hamburger steak and beaf steak.

I ate too much though it's before the lesson (゚○゚)/”

Is there anyone who guessed it right (。・ω・)ノ゙?




Why not curry rice!! It would be more than perfect if she had a curry rice today! LOL

Whoa!! I'm surprised that she didn't have a curry rice at this point!

Iriyama Anna 9/23 15:01

Today, I will arrive at there early!
Kato Rena 9/23 15:02

Iriyama-san, roger (゚∀゚)


If only AN・RI・RE was the new UNIT…. Then fans would be much more excited….

It will be challenging if they released a CD from a unit whose members are all out of the ranking in the election LOL

↑ Though they're not Kenkyusei,

As they're all girls who have not ranked, I want to some sort of Gekokuzyou (*those below overthrowing those above)

If they replace Renacchi with Mitsumune, they can make a unit that totally suits that concept. They may be able to even make a movie about the unit LOL

Anyway, the three will have a good chance to make their CD debut as a solo unit,

Because they will surely use “Sashihara!! How come the other three girls are totally cuter than you in the Center!!”  as a topic for every kind of situation.

Looks like the three of AN・RI・RE can't wait to tell people that they're the members of AN・RI・RE.

Which is nice. I love how they're ingenuous.


LOL I saw this tweet yesterday.

Tea Room Tane 9/22

One week after I started looking for a part timer… No response(´д`)
Or have they noticed that I'm a strict coach!? LOL



I wonder how much do they pay per hour???

Yeah, Miichan's dad is very kind to customers but also seems strict if he's my boss LOL

Because he is wearing a beret, I somehow have a feeling that he will educate me in a special military training style LOL

Why not Miichan Ota apply to this???

Yeah, they should!! There may be a chance that you will be a favorite of her dad and may take you as her husband !!

Tea room tane 9/23

Thank you so much for today! It's closing time!
「Cleaning is an act that you must do while thinking 2 or 3 moves ahead!」



Her dad is a Gundam Otaku!?!?

Dad….. LOL

Yeah, her dad is totally the Gundam generation…

I saw Miichan's dad at Tokyo dome concert.

He was…. exactly in the same costume as this one LOL

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  1. Kirito says:

    I actually wouldn’t mind working there needs some money though to fly there -sigh-

  2. Ah, now i get why Nyannyan keep posted ‘her socks today’ pict everyday.. Thank you

  3. Christine B. says:

    If I wasn’t a broke college student, I completely volunteer as tribute to work at Tane just sayin’~

  4. Mr Waffle says:

    Gandam = Gundam (he’s wearing a mask like Char Aznable)

  5. eva eva says:

    Annin like curry so much… let me cook for her instant 😀