Looking for people who want to be a part of our subbing team members

  October 27, 2012

Hi everyone, so from today, we will change this website into video sharing website.

We will be able to cover not only famous shows like AKBINGO, EDEN, HaKaTa, Terrace House, but also some short footage from theater performance or tv news. (which currently almost no one is working on)

We’re still on our way to reform AKB48Wrapup, and iin need to form a great subbing team.

Specifically, we are currently in need of proofreader, editor, and quality checker, but of course, preferably  we need someone who can do these things all together at once.

And of course, translator are really needed though currently, translation itself is usually done several hours after the broadcasting of the show, thus what we’re urgently in need is people who can work on everything but translation.

Please check your Japanese level from the link below.

Your Japanese level check

If you can clear level 5, you may be able to translate some of show.

We also need web developers and designers to revamp the site design and work for maximizing profit so that entire fan community can contribute to subbers not working for free, and deliver videos as soon as possible.

※Please keep in mind, we need to be able to be contacted everyday to keep the team going.

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※Please forgive us that we won’t deliver news from Japanese online forums on this website anymore. Our basic idea is when fandom become big enough, you will naturally see many news website will emerge to make money. In Japanese fandom, numerous of fansites are around just because AKB fandom is big enough to make the websites profitable. Profit is the driving force to deliver quality news and videos (and we strongly recommend you to use those Japanese websites to keep up the latest of AKB48 (you can find numerous of antenna sites for idols on Japanese blogsphere) or more preferably 2ch), and also the key factor to create win-win situation for fans and website owners. With current size of AKB fandom overseas, we’ve concluded it’s impossible to sustain news website that needs to dedication to work almost full-time. Instead, we deliver fansubbed videos of most of AKB shows, which require far less time and efforts, but still (We believe) be appreciated by many fans both from all over the world including Japan.