Ohta Aika aka Lovetan to join HKT48 Theater Performance + 1 more on Kasai Tomomi

  October 26, 2012

1. AKB48 Kasai Tomomi disappeared from the challenge midway, huge criticism against Kasai and Tv company – news article

2. Ohta Aika aka Lovetan to join HKT48 Theater Performance from Nov 1!!!!!

Okay so the next episode will be aired on Nov 1st if the Japan Series will finish in 4 games which is unlikely to happen.

Japan Series

1st game Oct 27

2nd game Oct 28

3th game Oct 30

4th game Oct 31

5th game Nov 1

Unless one team win 4 games successively, it’s impossible to finish Japan series before Nov 1.

I know Kasai Ota was so pleased when it’s announced she will join this challenge.

It’s literally from Heaven to Hell…

↑Actually I had a bad feeling about this from the beginning lol As I knew she fell in bad condition during the period of the challenge….

There’s no information of “Ougon Densetsu” on Kasai’s blog, but it’s been deleted? Or it hasn’t been on her blog from the beginning?

↑It wasn’t on the blog from the beginning.

I kinda found it funny that when they announced that Kasai will join this corner, she had already disappeared….. lol

I wonder if she will join the handshake event on 28th…..

I guess there’ll definitely be people who will make harsh remark against her….

Actually a person who was hurt the most is Morinaga…. He is betting his life on this challenge to perform Heavy Rotation with her.

Even Tamamori from Johnny’s got so thin after living a life eating onions….. lol

I don’t think they would just cast an unfavorably treated withdrawal  for this popular Tv show… I hope she will make a miraculous come back next week….

I wonder if she will join tonight’s ANN and explain the situation….

But it will bring a flood of questions from fans at handshake events…

↑The problem is….. her partner (a member in the same lane: AKB48 has applied double lane system after Tokyo Dome concert) for Saturday’s HS event is Shimazaki. I smell something from this combination….

Incidentally, her partner on Sunday is Kawaei.

if they cast Nito or Yamauchi who have tenacity, this cheesy Drama won’t happen!

No matter how much I give this my thoughts, I can’t figure out why they wrote a script that only spoil Kasai’s image….


26 Theater Performance



29 Disappeared from the morning (1st day of disappearance)

30 Due to the typhoon, nationwide handshake event was canceled (2nd)


1 Absent from theater peformance → Kojima Natsuki (3rd)

2 (4th)

——-It was broadcasted until this point——-





7 Absent from nationwide HS event → Ohba Mina

8 Absent from theater performance → Iwata Karen

9 Her participation in the challenge was O\officially announced 


11 update her blog

12 theater performance

13 2shot photo event

14 2shot photo event