Huge criticism on Kasai Tomomi as she gave up living one month on 10,000 yen challenge

  October 25, 2012

It’s ridiculous to escape in the middle of the challenge…. This is not a midnight tv show! This is TV asahi’s popular golden time show!!

And even if she will come back from now, the challenge itself was already over….


And now everyone slams her on twitter…


If only they chose Okaro (秋元才加) for the show….

Even boys from Johnny’s have done it for one month! It’s crazy she gave up after 4 DAYS!!

She gave up her job…. such a jerk.

↑But when I watched the scene in the 2nd photo, I felt sorry for her… It can’t be helped…

Why don’t you conclude it like she tried her best, but couldn’t make it?

She did a good job!

Broad minded me!

Hey hey hey, she gave up on day 4!!

She didn’t even try her best!

What in the world is happening on her?????

That’s their hype and will explain the situation next week, which is a pretty standard method of TV show.

This is….. scripted….. (in trembling voice)

If Yasusu would ever hear this, Tomomi will be over!

Is there anyone who really believe she abandoned the challenge without any permission?

Come on! Of course they are filming the whole footage even the scene where she run away~~

I bet she misunderstood this was 100K a month challenge or 10K a week challenge….

There’s no documentary non-scripted TV program where TV personalities appear.

Everything is planned by screenwriters.

↑Wipe your tears, Tomomi-ota!

The 7th say is the day she was absent from a handshake event….!!

Now all the dots are connected.

It was not due to sickness but she was just reluctant to work….

After all, they made a mistake in casting.

They should swap Kitahara and Kasai each other…

If it were due to sickness, I could be sympathetic with her, but now that it turned out she just wants to slack off her work, I’m left speechless….

Michishige pushed herself to the limit!!
She accomplished this challenge with tears!!

Compared to this girl, what the fuck is Kasai is doing!?

She has not guts!

Anyways, this “without permission” is a scripted drama, I guess.

Though this will do nothing but harm Kasai’s image, this may be considered a sort of surprise for TV company…