[TV Recap] AKBINGO 10.24.2012 “Jinbo High & Low” (人望 High & Low) – Yuko, Takamina, Sayaka, Sae

  October 25, 2012

I want to have a fun topic.

How can anyone have fun with all the Mittsu bashing or the broadcasting accident in Kayoukyoku?

I want them to bring more captivating, funny, exhilarating topics!!!



BBA shows up!!!

Haachan and Nakayan for “AKBINGO starts soon”

Handsome girl~~

Shimada!! Uruse~yo! (shut up!)

Okaro LOL (秋元才加)

Takajo has become really cute, hasn’t she?

Haachan is so cute….

Yeah, Haachan looks so cute!

As all we know, Yuko is such a godly girl!

Wait! Even Shimada looks attractive!

Looks like today’s episode is gonna be fun!!


Looks like Okaro will dominate the game lol

So many popular members! Even though I’m not a fan of AKB, I know many of them(´・ω・`)

Where is “team reserved” Yukirin???

Kawaei Ricchan  is insanely cute… I want to lick her…..(´・ω・`)

Commercial of Soukantokou’s solo number…

Takamina’s solo debut song?

LOL Is this Takamina’s solo? (:joking)

Okay I must be more careful to catch up with the latest news AKB48… I totally missed the news about Takamina’s solo debut…

I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that I’ve been seeing only Okaro on TV lately.


Now that Mittsu has gone, the fierce push for Kawaei will continue for a while…


LOL The number of joints are not enough!?!? (talking about anime characters in AKB48+Me)

The number of joints… lol

The show has Started!!!!