HKT48 Sashihara Rino’s monthly salary? “If you know it, you’ll come to like me!” & 1 more on Moriyasu Madoka

  October 25, 2012
  1. How much is Sashihara Rino earning monthly? → “If you know it, you will come to like me!”
  2. The piano playing of Moriyasu Madoka, the girl with perfect pitch, leave you in awe

How much Sashihara Rino is earning monthly? → 'If you will know it, you will come to like me!'

They had this talk in yesterday’s broadcasting of “Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke!” (Fastest Music Ranking!)

As expected of a popular TV personality (she suggested she earns a lot)!

No wonder. It’s because she is insanely working hard.

If she were to earn only a little bit of money when she is making tons of TV appearances like she’s been doing now, no one can have a dream in AKB48, and they should just end up graduating the group.

Those working hard should earn a lot of money, it’s just fair that way.

I wonder if she meant “Even though I’ve been making tons of TV appearances, I only earn small amount of money”

At their peak, members of Morning Musume used to earn 350,000 USD a year, right?

This old news article may give you some idea about money making in idol business.

Income of Idol group members


2010’s music industry felt like it was dominated by AKB48. But there was a period when Morning Musume dominated the Japanese music industry.

Come to think of it, names of members of Morning Musume used to come up in the ranking of high income taxpayers. So you may wonder if AKB48 members are earning as much as Morning Musume. We conducted a brief survey to figure out it.

Morning Musume has become a national sensation from the latter half of 199 with their breakthrough single “LOVE Machine”, and since then, we’d seen members names in the top ranking spots.

Disclosure of the ranking ended in 2004 (ranking for 2003), and the followings are the income of major members of Morning Musume in this final ranking.

Iida Kaori – tax payment 157,000 USD – Estimated Income 505,000 USD

Yaguchi Mari – tax payment 153,000 USD – Estimated Income 494,000 USD

Ishikawa Rika – tax payment 135,000 USD – Estimated Income 445,000 USD

There was a famous episode that, in 2003, back when she was at the tender age of 20, Yaguchi Mari bought a home for her family.

So what about AKB48?

Shuka Bunshun reported members monthly earning is only 1,200 USD.

In this (2010) spring, the time AKB48 has started their breakthrough. They’ve been making tons of TV appearances, and working frantically. Is it ever possible that they earn only such a small amount of money?

But a staff of agency that former member of AKB belongs to said,

Though I can’t reveal a precise number, it’s to be expected if they’re that young, they only earn as much as normal office ladies do, or even less than them.

But think about it. She is under Ohta Production.
You know Tsurutarou? He left the agency to set up his own company just because Ohta doesn’t give enough amount of profit to talents under contract with them.

Sashiko’s comment is actually smart! It’s impossible to figure out whether she meant she’s earning tons or the opposite.

That’s the answer expected for variety shows.

But if you look at the video, she sounded like she is earning a lot.

But also she added a reaction that said “Nope, it’s a joke lol”.

Honestly it’s hard to imagine her earning less than Oshima or Maeda.

Though it’s not completely the same as other comedians of Ohta Production where their salary is decided based on the amount of media exposure.

Because now most of work done by Sashiko is not related to AKB48 or precisely speaking, AKS.

Hey guys, it’s a fact that TV personality can’t earn a lot from TV programs, especially when / if they’re young.

What brings tons of money is commercials, and Sashihara has had contracts with major companies like docomo, anpanman shop.
She has had contracts with a total of 12 companies.

Therefore, by no means, is her salary is surprisingly small.

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