[TV Recap] AKBINGO 10.24.2012 “Jinbo High & Low” (人望 High & Low) – Yuko, Takamina, Sayaka, Sae

  October 25, 2012

LOLL Why she suddenly started emulating Head Coach Hara lol

LOL It’s so harsh to Haachan!!

Uhmmm she has paid a lot of efforts to obtain current position as BBA, but uhmmm is it really harsh to call her BBA when it’s one of her precious characters as an idol….

Some day Takamana-san will graduate. They’d better foster her successor or AKB48 will soon collapse.

I’m concerned about the fact junior members can’t get laughs at all….

↑Yep. Only Izurina and Ohba succeeded to join the flow of conversation.

↑Ohba was awesome. As expected of the girl who want to obtain a position of Shiichan.

The strongest, most wesome Danso girl, Mayuyu will be unveiled next week!!

Okya it was over….

It was such an interesting episode!!

If only Mittsu could appear Danso corner of AKBINGO before she left the group….