[TV Recap] AKBINGO 推し!うたランキング (Oshi Songs Ranking) 2012.10.17

  October 18, 2012

When did they film this cosplay footage?? lol


Ace candidates….

Goo Kawaee

Again they feature Okaro? Good job!!

The reality is million sales singles title tracks are never considered as great songs.

The song composed by Genius Inoue Yoshimasa!!

Too much shuffle have spoiled the charm of this song…

Honestly speaking, this is such a skipshod corner….

I think Kanojo ni Naremasuka will win the 1st spot.

I couldn’t expect Komori’s comment will be used for on screen caption!

I think AKB must let other composer to write their songs.
It’s just too impossible to write more than 3 songs per day.

This reminds me of the days when I’ve started getting interested in AKB48…

Iiwake Maybe will win the 1st spot?

↑I think it’s gonna be 100% Only Today.