1st JKT48 Signature Event

  October 18, 2012

it’s been a while since my last post about JKT48, well then let start it,
this time i will reported the first signature event of JKT48

On October 13th JKT48 have held their first signature event, this event is especially dedicated for the buyers of their 1st official guide book ‘Love JKT48’ that was sold on september 14 to 17 at JKT48 theater and already have a ticket for the signature event. Member’s signature will be wrote on fan’s official guide book

The system are similar with the AKB48 akushukai event , each member have their own line for the fans who want to get their signature

sign queue

surely, there are some member who become a “victim’ because their empty line. Frieska for example, she looks bored waiting for the fans. FYI, Frieska is Melody’s sister

Frieska Bored

There are still many picture for this event, the event has been going well and crowded!

Cindy and her loyal fans

Look! Cindy with her very loyal fans! It’s so poignant 😥

Gaby's smile

Gaby give her smile before write her signature

Seriously Nabilah

Nabilah, why you so serious? 😆

Melody's empty queue

Melody, the holy center, feel the empty line, too. Although just for several minutes

And here is member’s signature photos

Diasta's Sign

Diasta’s signature on LOL quote in JKT48 official guide book 😆

melody's sign

Melody’s signature, on her own chapter in JKT48 Official Guide Book

Ghaida's sign

Ghaida’s signature for her American fans, Emma. FYI, Ghaida has been hospitalized now. Get Well Soon, Kamen Ghaida 😥

Ochi's sign

Neneng Rosdiana a.k.a Ochi’s sign, on her own chapter in JKT48 Official Guide Book

And…this is official video of this event. Enjoy!

Official video of JKT48 1st sign event

If you are Indonesian or understand Indonesian Language, let’s visit JKT48 Fanblog for get more complete information about JKT48