[TV Recap] AKBINGO 10.24.2012 “Jinbo High & Low” (人望 High & Low) – Yuko, Takamina, Sayaka, Sae

  October 25, 2012

Suddenly Kappa! (Izuta Rina)

I love this corner lol

Okaro is such a funny girl!

Okaro is indispensable for this corner lol

Naana butts in lol

Is this a corner where Yukirin gets an awful result like in the previous episode?

ANRIRE, Natsuki, all of my favorite members~~~!!

Izuta and Fujita are so aggressive lol

Which is expected as they have a close relationship with regular members through numerous of participation in theater performances as Under.

What an old footage lol This is filmed even before Fujita cut her hair short….!!

Oops, ANRIRE is at the front!!

An’nin is so beautiful….

Katorena is cute, too.


What in the world is this crazy smoke jet lol

I’m so frustrated by the fact they won’t bring Tomu in this show….


Red Hair!!!

LOL Okaro has been making a lot of appearances as of late, even after she was dropped from the opening!

Don’t bring unnecessary concern to us!!

Looks like Shimada is in good condition in this episode.