AKB48 Kasai Tomomi to join Live One Month with 10,000yen challenge

  October 9, 2012

Chu-chan is actually very good at cooking(´・ω・`)

We may be able to  expect that AKB members will show up themselves in the show as supporters for Kasai.

AKB + TV Asahi + Good At Cooking

I thought the girl who matches this the most is Ohya Shizuka, but it was not.

*Watanabe production

At least she is a member of Show-Biz Don, Wada Akiko family, so she has a bigger chance to survive than other members.

I haven’t watched this show before, so even energy bill will be included in it?

↑Electricity, gag, water, food, all costs will be included.

Hori production gets serious to make Kasai a variety idol!

It’s great if you look at her career in a long run.

It’s better than staying in AKB48 and stick to Senbatsu position, which seems to hard for her to be selected again.

Chu-chan in apron…… gasp*

It’s so nice that we can watch Chu’s private life!

And it’s good to see her again as lately she’s been disappeared from public

Though I’m worried about her health, I wish the best for her.