Mayuyu’s Galaxy isn’t working right and 3 more about Karen, Yuttan and Unit Matsuri 2013

  October 14, 2012

Staff at NHK: “She ruined it…..” (←Fan’s joke)


Iwata Karen


And I have another important announcement for you today☆

Special Broadcasting of Karen’s Restoration Calendar will be aired from 10:05~, on NHK!!!



↑NHK has IshiharaP….. If it’s him, everything is gonna be alright…..!!

Photographer Erokyan  = Ero Can Do It!!

Actually this kind of photo is nice because we can sense girls being shy as they are taken photos by men.

I don’t feel Ero from this photo….

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It’s very rare to see the two talking to each other on SNS.

Masuda Yuka

Now Sashihara is lying beside me. So I figured I gotta talk to her.

The conversation between the two makes me feel somewhat uneasy….

Masuda Yuka

And I talked to her.
Masuda Yuka

Now we’re going to take a photo together.

Not a normal photo but a sexy photo!


Somehow, Masuda sounds like Voice Navigation system.

I talked to her → We’re going to take a sexy photo of us..

LOL’d at how their conversation progressed.

Masuda Yuka

So let’s do countdown for Sashihara’s sexy shot!
Massuda Yuka


Masuda Yuka


Masuda Yuka


Masuda Yuka

Here you’re!



LOL Sashihara is completely controlled by Yuttan…

Sashihara shared salt flavor Yakisoba with Yuttan in Janken Real. They’ve been close to each other since long before^^

The only person who can talk in a peer language with Soukantoku (General Maanger) is Yuttan except 1 and 1.5gen members. (←This is more like: Yuttan almost never use Keigo to 1 or 1.5gen members)

↑Don’t forget Harusan….

I lol’d at the conversation between Takamina and Harusan in the making footage of Seibu Dome concert.

As expected of members from the same agency, Ogi production.

How Masuda calles Original Members.

Maeda: Atsuko

Kojima: Kojipa

Takahashi: Takamina

Itano: Tomo

Minegishi: Minami

Shinoda: Marichan

Hirajima: Nacchan

Oshima: Maimai

Masuda Yuka

Sashihara-san somehow got a wrong idea? Ganbatte!


Kobayashi Marina

Something wrong with my Gugutasu smartphone….. from Mayuyu

Kobayashi Marina

This was really typed by Mayuyu-san~(⌒▽⌒)

It’s not posted by me

Kobayashi Marina

And Mayuyu-san fell asleep〜⊂((・x・))⊃
Kobayashi Marina

I will lend my Gugutasu Smartphone whenever I meet Mayuyu-san♥

Kobayashi Marina

I love Mayusan ヾ(。・ω・。)ノ Uhehe


When I met her yesterday, and asked about her test post a couple days ago.

Mayuyu: “My smartphone is broken, so I made a test to confirm whether it works fine.”

As expected of Galaxy….

Anyway Marin-chan and Mayuyu have been so close to each other thanks to Takarazuka!

There’re many foreigners at Mayuyu’s handshake lane and several of them took a 2 shot with Mayuyu!

Mayuyu’s popularity is now beyond Japan!! Hope many people will visit Japan to meet her!

I talked to Mayuyu^^

I asked her how to call “Hikaru Monotachi” in short.

I used 3 tickets at once, but unfortunately I couldn’t take a 2 shot with her…. orz

Mayuyu: “Hikamono? But it may sound too commonplace”

“Or how about Hino?”

“Uhmmm Himono? Oh yes, please call it Himono”

※Himono: Dried marine product

And we did Oshiri at last.

I think it was about 30 seconds^^

↑Thanks for your reporting!

So from now, we’ll call the song Himono, right?

↑Sure, if Mayuyu want us to call it that way, we gotta call the song Himono!