Miyawaki Sakura talks about her love for Melonpan with top 3 of AKB48, Yuko, Mayuyu and Yukirin

  October 7, 2012


Whoa, Awesome….she is with top 3 members…..

I can’t stand her enormous cuteness anymore.

Melonpan Doumei appeal~~~~~!!!!!!

I’m so impressed that she has an episode relating to Melonpan!!!

Can’t believe Sakuratan is only one year younger than Jurina….

Many people are wondering who the girl in the far right is!!!! It’s not long until Sakuratan will be widely known to the nation!

Mayuyu’s Kawaii~~~ and Yukirin’s tender gaze were so Moe.

Yuko and Yukirin are looking at Sakuratan through a gaze of mother.

As a matter of fact, Sakuratan and Yukirin are both from Kagoshima, and Yukirin’s first word to Sakuratan was “I think you’re from Kagoshima, right?”

When you look at Mayuyu’s reaction today, it’s obvious that Sakuratan has built connection from Yukirin to Mayuyu.

She has also connected to Paruru from Rena, ANRIRE and Kitarie, Yokoyama from Sashihara.

It’s very nice to follow this sociable girl who has been creating vast association with her seniors in such a short time.

Though Yukirin didn’t talk anything about Melonpan, Sakuratan is her Oshimen