No Sleeves challenges to impromptu acting, Kojima Haruna to play a role of Night Club Hostess

  October 7, 2012

No Sleeves “If you postpone the release of our new song, give us a regular TV show!”

LOL’d. Its maybe because Ota have been complaining that there has been almost no activity with No Sleeves lately, that they’ve started this show as a kind of vent for Ota’s frustration lol

Anyways i’m glad to see it, but I’m also looking forward to their new song.

I’m looking forward to Lily’s sexually harassing retorts lol

Total 6 episodes???

Uhmm but think about it. Among all subunits of AKB48, only No Sleeves has a regular TV show with this one.

I shall say the activities of subunits has radicaly decreased lately.

No Sleeves is the only subunit where all its members had no transfer + concurrency in the latest team shuffle.

Looking at the guests of the 1st episode, they are from Sony, Avex and Universal.

I think this program is funded by each of the record labels, which means we can expect various type of guests for the show.

I have a feeling that this is the first step for “Songwritten by Akimoto Yasushi, Composed by Komuro Tetsuya”