AKB the 2nd Reformation (Team Shuffle) will take place on Nov 1st

  October 7, 2012

AKB member showing grave facial expressions as it’s announced the new team will be launched from November

Togasaki made an appearance and announced that the 2nd reformation will take place from Nov 1st.

Until they will have a new set list, they will hold a Waiting Stage.

Current teams will hold their final stages at the end of Oct.

I heard team B will hold their final stage on 22th, A is on 29th.

I don’t remember clearly but the order goes like this if my memory serves me right:

B → K → 4 → A

Waiting Stage means members create their own setlist from the songs of past theater setlists to be performed by new teams.

16 members will perform the Stage and members will be changed every time.

↑That’s quite radical.

Which means Mariko, Umechan and Yuko can decide almost everything and all the hierarchies for the setlist will be decided by them.

How long it will take before they can start the new theater performances with new setlists?

That’s why today’s handshake lanes are all pairs of members of the same team under the new team lineup.

【Members who joined today’s handshake event in Iwate】

①Oshima Yuko, Kitahara Rie – Team K

②(Kasai Tomomi), Watanabe Mayu – Tteam A

③Kashiwagi Yuki, Shimazaki Haruna – Team B

④Shinoda Mariko, Minegishi Minami – Team A and Team B

⑤Takahashi Minami, Yokoyama Yui – Team A

⑥Umeda Ayaka, Kojima Haruna- Team B

⑦Akimoto Sayaka, Itano Tomomi – Team K

⑧Takajo Aki, Miyazawa Sae


Before they start the new team system, they should prepare new setlists for the new teams….

Even N and S haven’t yet had their new original setlists.

↑I can understand you but 9 members who’ve been promoted have been placed betwixt and between for a while, so I guess it’s good for them to list their names in the new teams even though it’s just pro forma.

A source said

【Final Stage】

Team A Mokugekisha on Oct 29

Team K RESET Oct 24

Team B Theater no Megami Oct 22

Team 4 Boku no Taiyo Oct 25

New team will start Nov 1st.

I want to ask those who were at today’s handshake event,

do you think members already knew of this?

I think members already knew this as far as I could feel from their mood in the theater performance of RESET, 2 days ago.

↑x2 I think they’ve already knew this.

Everyone suggested that it wouldn’t be long before they will finish their current setlist and the team activity of the current team.

I remember, last time they announced the reformation on August 23, 2009.

K6th Shonichi was held on Mar 12, 2010.

B5th started May 21, 2010.

A6th started on July 27th, 2010.

I vividly remember I’d been so irritated waiting for whenever the hell they would start the theater performances with new setlists….

I hope they will hold the final stage of current setlists in a big venue like TDC hall….

And I’m very concerned of whether members can learn the choreography of songs in the Waiting Stage?

Miyazawa, Mariyanne, Takajo and Nakagawa’s transfer will be carried out as the same timing?