Paruru is an angel! Shimazaki Haruka in Pink Maid costume at Preview for Bakaleya Movie

  October 8, 2012

Shimazaki Haruka

Today Movie Bakaleya’s premium preview was held!

And I will join the filming of Gachigase♪

For the premiere of the movie, I will appeal Bakaleya to wider audiences!


Paruru is an angel….

Awwwww Paruru why you’re so cute…..

I received this handkerchief from Paru-chan in person during today’s movie preview!!

A total 150 handkerchief were presented to fans and among them, only 10 had autographs of members on them!!!

The reason why a quarter of this handkerchief remains without message is because this handkerchief was folded and packed in a plastic bag at first so that fans won’t notice that there are signatures of members until they open it!!!

I’m jealous!

You got your lifelong treasure!!

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