Which song has the best chance to stop Heavy Rotation Three Peat

  October 17, 2012



Which song should I vote for to stop the three peat?

Avcado Ja’ne~shi

Itoshiki Natacha

As much as I love Heavy Rotation, I think we gotta stop it’s three peat.

I don’t want Natacha winning the Request Hour… How about Iiwake Maybe?

↑Personally I hope Iiwake or Ponytail to win the event.

Unexpectedly, UZA

The only song that has a decent possibility to beat Hebirote is “Iiwake Maybe”.

Or Gingham Check?

Though I can’t imagine any song that can beat Heavy Rotation, looking back the history of Request Hour, only songs that were released after the voting period of last year’s Request Hour have a chance to come close to Heavy Rotation.

How about Seishu Bell ga Naru, with a little hope that the song will put pressure on members that AKB’s actually in decline.

If you just want to stop the winning streak, I thikn Kodoku na Runner may have a chance, because I think all of fans of former SDN members will vote for the song, you can’t waste your votes.

But personally I prefer “Heavy Rotation” winning the event to “Kodoku na Runner”.

Heavy Rotation achieved Three Peat → Become Hall of Fame, and won’t join Request Hour from the next year.

I think this is the answer.

↑ Nothing to complain. Coz they will perform Heavy Rotation in Encore, anyway.

If you allow me to answer seriously, my guess is First Rabbit.
Nobody ever dislikes this song, right?

If Give Me Five is not a song with live band performance, I think it would win the 1st spot.

I think it’s all up to Yuko Ota. Because this year, they have Gingham Check, we can expect pretty significant chunk of their vote will go for the song.

Through the analysis of the past result, songs that have the highest possibility are title tracks of AKB48 Singles.
But, looking at the songs listed below, I don’t think there’re songs that can beat Heavy Rotation…
・Uekara Mariko
・Manatsu no Sounds Good!
・Gingham Check

So as you expect, Hatsukoi ha Minoranai won’t be included in the voting event?