Guys! Write down your impressions and thoughts on NMB’s 6th single “Kitagawa Kenji” MV!

  October 17, 2012

What do you think?

“Look At!”

Now the PV is in heavy rotation on my pc!

This long version PV is 6 minutes and 23 seconds long and the song starts from 2:23 and ends at 6:10, which means the song itself is 3:44 long!

I thought the teacher is played by Kitagawa Kenji but turned out it’s a professional actor.

I love the scene where Milky spew smoke from her head while Yokoyama is trying to outdo in solving a problem dealing with Law of Cosines whiz Yamamoto Sayaka.

I love the scene where they’re dressed in school uniforms, wearing glasses. The ever green combination for teenage girls.

I LOL’s at the scene where Maachun nodding off during the class, and sudden jolt made her glasses slipped down.

She is good at acting so much. I  bet she can make a living as an comedienne.

Damn cute!!!

The costumes are ridiculously cute lol

And everyone looks very cute in a bit different way from usual with glasses !

And it’s nice to use a professorial actor instead in the Drama scene while Kitagawa Kenji appears in the dance part!

Finally NMB48 got it’s equivalent of Heavy Rotation for AKB48!!!!

↑I totally agree with you.

It’s choreography is not only easy for members to pick up, but I think many fans will put up their own Dance Cover videos on youtube!!!

It goes with the mainstream style and does sound catchy! The king of pop!!

Nana-chan is insanely cute!

I’m kinda feeling like to become NMB48 Ota….

↑Actually many of AKB Ota who’d been not interested in NMB has become interested in the group after this song has been unveiled. I know many of them already pre-ordered the single!

I even got a message from my friends who’re AKB Ota, which say “This MV is ill!!!!!”

I still can’t find Kitagawa Kenji

↑Kitagawa Kenji appears from 3:27 to 3:46 and from 4:46 to 4:55.

He is sitting or leaning towards the wall at the furthest back in the right of the screen.

This is the PV that everyone loves.

Everyone looks cute with this primary color scheme,

I think this is more similar to Namida Surprise than Heavy Rotation.

Some say Heavy Rotation’s PV is inappropriate, but Kitagawa Kenji’s MV is genuinely cute!!

Good song that can live up to the impact of the title!

As Macchan said before, this song is funny as well!!

Milky spewing smoke! Everyone with glasses!! Yuihan is so naturally blended with the girls! Sayanee’s short hair suits her so much!

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