Can you make it through these Kissing GIFs of AKB members without having your mind blown?

  February 20, 2013

6th Nakanishi Chiyori (HKT48)

Reason: I know you have mixed opinions of this….

5th Kizaki Yuria (SKE48)

Reason: Unfortunately, this footage failed to capture Yuria’s cuteness fully. But her smile after kissing really tells her personality and I love it.

4th Iwata Karen (AKB48)

Reason: She avoids to make an eye contact with a camera, but at the last she glanced at me, and smiled shyly. I learned that she has a mole below her eye.

3rd Kitahara Rie (SKE48)

Reason: Her gorgeous lips touching a glass drives me crazy.

2nd Kato Rena (AKB48)

Reason: Deadly Cute. Look! She bites her lips after kissing!

1st Matsui Rena

Reason: I think this is perfect. Her pushing her hair back away is seriously attractive. After kissing she turns her eyes away for a couple of times out of shyness. Cute as hell.

Making gifs is pain in the butt. It’s my responsibility to give proper credit to the creator of the gifs, but since they are uploaded on anonymous forum, I wanted to just note one word instead.

God Exits in Japanese AKB48 Fandom!

*These gifs are heavy files. If loading post or the absolute weirdness or deadly cuteness of this post made your computer slow, I apologize for that…

*He warned any Matome site not to put a link to zip file of his GIFs, thus I didn’t include it in this post. Link to the Original thread.