Minegishi Minami wearing a white beret profile photo as Kenkyusei is insanely cute!!

  February 20, 2013

I know there’re some people who still have complex feeling about Minegishi Minami, but what’s done is done. To be fair, she has made great contribution to the group called AKB48, the band that you and me care so much. And if AKB48 is that precious place for her like she said, I’m sure she will make priceless contribution to the group just like she did until now, and over the process, she will sure become more strong!

source: AKB48 official

Miichan as Kenkyusei (trainee) is insaely CUTE!

Look! The white hat really suits her.

Once she said she collect hats and caps because “I have an inferiority complex about my face. The reason why I collect hats is perhaps because though I don’t like my face, wearing a hat makes me feel more confident.”

Nearly 4 years later from when she made this comment, will she still holds a negative view of herself?

Now she performs at AKB48 theater with other KKS (12-14gen).

Her situation is a little like Sashihara Rino when she was transferred to HKT48 – apparently Miichan’s case is much more grave than Sashiko, though – 

After Maeda Atsuko’s graduation, the popularity of AKB48 has been surely decreasing.

If there’s someone who discover and nurture unknown hidden talents from AKB48’s KKS, it must be none other than Minegishi Minami.