The world Is moved to tears by Hirata Rina’s Touching message regarding Minegishi Minami

  February 18, 2013

Miichan: “Sometimes I am unable to move my body or face properly because of too many thoughts going though my head.

Well, in any case, I must work on single-mindedly with all my strength.”

At the left bottom corner of Miichan’s card, Hirari wrote a sweet encouraging message:

 “I would like to talk with you again♥”

When official punishment to Miichan was announced, Hirari at first panicked but soon composed herself and reassured fans who were worried about her.

It prompted her to write a following comment. Since she grew up in America, she spent a night writing and translating this moving message. 

Hirata Rina 2/1 6:53

Hi this is Hirari (or Hilary – the Nickname of Hirata Rina).

I learned of what’s going on with Minegishi-san from Togasaki-san’s blog post when I was eating meal with Yukarun (Sasaki Yukari) and Miyupon (Omori Miyu).

We haven’t been informed of anything yet, thus still very confused, and don’t know what should write on Google Plus, but, I just wanted to write what’s in my mind right now.

Miss. Minegishi has always been an admirable person in my eyes.

Under current system, we, Kenkyusei (trainees), have no opportunity to perform at the stage of regular members.

Thus, I haven’t had many opportunities to talk with her, probably only during rehearsals for concerts.

But even though I could rarely meet her in person, when I could, she always impresses me with her great talking and performance skills. She is gentle, always kind, she is so funny and never spares effort. I’ve been hoping some day I will be a person like Miss. Minegishi, who can do anything.

Therefore, when I learned of what’s happened to Miss. Minegishi, I was truly surprised and couldn’t think of what to do.

Even now, I don’t fully understand what’s happening, honestly.

But even if it’s true Miss. Minegishi broke a rule,

efforts Miss. Minegishi has made over the years,
countless things she taught to us, the younger generations,
and she has been a power which has supported AKB48 for the past 7 years and made it as it is today,

I truly respects her.

I think it takes a lot of nerve for a person who is already near the goal to return to the start-line and start running all over again.

So if Miss. Minegishi becomes Kenkyusei, I would like to welcome her with smile next time I meet her, saying “Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.”

I think that many people got hurt or angry or felt sad by this event.

But if you feel sad, I would like to share your sorrow and overcome it together with you. And with you I would like to share the joy comes around after we overcome the sorrow.

Although I still find it hard to believe Miss. Minegishi will become Kenkyusei, Iif it’s true, I would like to learn as many as possible from her to improve myself.

And if Miss. Minegishi will ever learn something new from us, I am glad.

I want you all to enjoy AKB48 much much more, and want you all to feel that AKB48 makes your lives more fun.

I hope we can step up together like that.

My desire to make everybody happy and this hasn’t ever changed since I joined AKB48.