AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka “Even if you hate AKB48, Don’t hate me!!”

  March 5, 2013

This is a quick recap of this week’s (March 5th) episode of Ariyoshi Kyowakoku (Ariyoshi Republic), in which the two SNH48 members, Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya, as well as Shimazaki Haruka appeared as guests.

Yannu: Ariyoshi-san, long time no see! Do you remember we actually met before?

Ariyoshi: Miss, when and in what situation did we meet?

Yannu: I appeared in one of VTR aired in this show, and when you looked at me, you said “This girl looks like she has less luck”.

Arisyoshi: You mean it, but I don’t remember at all!!!

No…. No impression ToT

Okay let’s start with the first corner! In this corner, we will talk for 5 minutes on assinged topic!
Today’s topic is…

Ariyoshi: There have been rumors that Janken Tournament was a setup.

Shimazaki Haruka (Paruru): Well….. yeah.

Paruru: I didn’t imagine the situation will be messed up like this.

I just won the tournament fair and square.

Kojima Haruna (Kojiharu): To outsiders, the game Paruru winning the tournament at that timing may be too good to be true.

Ariyoshi: But you know, setup is an essential part of entertainment.

Everyone: Nope Nope LOL

Miyazawa: Nope, this is Gachi, Gachi (Serious and Fair battle).

Ariyoshi: What? Was that Gachi?

Miyazawa: What are you talking, that was absolutely Gachi!

Shimazaki: (in a low voice) Yes….

Arisyohi: You mean only a couple of Janken Match were fixed?

Kojiharu: No~~~~

Kojiharu: Until the Janken tournament, I’d been Senbatsu for all singles of AKB48. But the record stopped as I lost to Umechan.

Ariyoshi: So it’s because you won too much. In her (Paruru) case, she didn’t win that much so they figured she should win more, so they gotta fix a match for her?

Shimazaki: As for me, I fought the match fair, but…..

Miyazawa: (Shaking her head) No no no no.

Paruru: Oh wait…… It could be….. It could be a fixed match……….!!!!!!

Ariyoshi: Oh yeah, it’s just because you are the winner and was told anything about what was going on behind the scenes!

Paruru: Certainly! Certainly!! It could be a setup!!!!!!!

Everyone burst into laughter, but Sae kept denying it in an assertive tone.

Sae: You don’t need to worry about that (put her hand on Paru’s shoulder gently.)

Ariyoshi: It’s no brainer lol it’s Janken. How is it possible to lose on purpose when the opponent doesn’t know anything.

*Janken: paper, scissors, rock

Okay let’s move onto the next corner! “Story behind the Rumors!!”

Ariyoshi: (Reading a letter from viewers) This is a rumor that I found on the internet. It says “Miyazawa actually didn’t want to go Shanghai.”

What a heavy topic in this nonsensical show…..

Sae: It’s not……. Not that I didn’t want to go there.

Sae: Do you really think one can bet her life on something that she is reluctant to do?

Ariyoshi: (making a shay face) Don’t try to look cool, You bet your life on it? it’s too cool, man….

Okay, I got it, you tend to try to look yourself cool…. LOL

Sae: At first, when I was told, there have been a talk on transfer to Shanghai, I just laughed it off, saying “No way.” I thought out of question. Yeah I said that. I keenly remember I said so.

I said “No, it’s impossible. I won’t go.”

Then I asked them to have a talk and let me have more details on the plan.

And when I talked with Akimoto-sensei and managers at my agency, I was told I won’t be able to appear on Japanese Media, I won’t be able to work in Japan nor with Japanese media, and that was the my biggest concern.

Sae: I didn’t feel much fear of being away from AKB48, and I’m pretty confident that my fans are supporting me wherever I would be.

But I thought it’s a huge drawback that I can’t be on Japanese media.

Sae: But when I listed cons and pros of going to Shanghai, I found pros overweighed cons. I figured it will be good for me, give me opportunities to improve myself, thus I decided to give it a go.

Sae: It took me 3 or 4 days to reach a conclusion but it’s a decision I made on my own will.

Ariyoshi: What about other members? Did you know they were having this talk back then, Kojima-san?

Kojiharu: Well, I didn’t know.

Ariyoshi: You don’t know anything, don’t you?

Kojiharu: Yes, I didn’t know at all.

Sae: Yeah I consulted NyanNyan…. But you know, I was moved when she shed tears when she knew my transfer.

Kojiharu: Yeah, I cried, cause I felt I’ll miss her.

Ariyoshi: If it were you, what would you do?

Kojiharu: Uhm? I won’t go.


 Kojiharu: I think there’re lots of things that a girl like Sae-chan, who can communicate with people really well, can do there.

But if it were me, I think I will do no good for them, so…. I’m truly amazed by Sae-chan.

Ariyoshi: Were Suzuki and Miyazawa close to each other before the transfer?

Sae: Not at all.

Yanne: Actually, we hadn’t talked to each other before.

Sae: But now we are the best friends.

Ariyoshi: If you could have a choice, who you wanted to go to Shanghai with?

Sae: Eh….. Paruru, perhaps?

Ariyoshi: Even though she is Ponkotsu???

Ariyoshi: What’s your answer, Paruru?

Paruru: Uhmmmm I won’t go….


Paruru: Cause I’m struggling even in Japan……

It’s unimaginable to go to Shanghai…..

Ariyoshi: Hahaha, well, Miyazawa, I’m rooting for you. Good luck with your challenge in Shanghai!


Ariyoshi: (A letter from viewers) A rumor I found on the internet. “Shimazaki is enjoying a villain role.”

What is this….? This is….. interesting!

Ariyoshi: She is salty* at handshake event, unfriendly, everyone bashes her on the internet.

Sae: Seriously? LOL

Ariyoshi: But Shimazaki herself never let those people who’re trying to stomp her reputation let herself down.

She has strictly stuck to the villain role.

*Salty: surly attitude

Ariyoshi: What do you think?

Paruru: I haven’t realized it myself but…..

Everyone is so mean…. like you know members can hear what fans are talking as they leave after handshake.

And I heard people saying, “What a salt~~~~~~~!!!”

LOLOL This scene, where Paruru is impersonating the fan is priceless!

Kojiharu: When I paired with Paruru at nationwide handshake event, I could only hear my voice in the booth. When I looked at her, she was standing like a statue, not move, no gesture, no words, just holding her hand at the handshake position.

Sae: I guess she got tired in the latter portion of the event.

Ariyoshi: But do people bash you only on the internet? Anyway, their voice reach you somehow, right?

Paruru: So I receive fan letters. But even though it’s a fan letter, it’s full of preaching messages…. Like “You were crappy in blah blah section of the Tv show blah blah blah.”

Ariyoshi: Oh….. But it’s par for the course, since it’s AKB, the fans and girls are very close to each other.

Paruru: Exactly, so I’m losing fans every time I attend handshake events.

Ariyoshi: Oh yeah, it can’t be helped!

At this point, it was hard to tell whether Paruru is serious or playing a scripted part…..

Paruru: No, I want to solve this.

Ariyoshi: Well, fans, Shimazaki won’t change for a while~

Paruru: Oh yeah~

Next corner,

“Let’s think of Catch Phrase for Shimazaki Haruka!”

Ariyoshi: By the way, what’s your current catchphrase?

Paruru: No catchphrase. I just say my age, my name and add “Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” at the end.

Ariyoshi: Do you find any good one?

Sae: I think this is a good one.

Paruru: “ZakiShima is coming coming~~~~~!!!!”

Paruru: Do~mo, I’m Shimazaki Haruka.

Mariyanne chose the catchphrase which is a parody of Mayuyu’s.

Paruru: “Mi~nina no Ashi o Hi~Paruru!!”

Ashi o Hipparu (足を引っ張る): Drag other people’s legs, means to be an obstacle to others.

 Cuteness Overload!!

Ariyoshi: Kojima Oyakata, what’s your choice?

Kojiharu: Since I have an impression that Paruru resembles Acchan in some aspects, I chose this one.

Paruru: “Even if you hate AKB48, please don’t let that hate make you hate me!!!”

*Famous phrase of Maeda Atsuko at the 2011 election or at this date, we’d better say it’s a signature phrase of Kintaro.

LOL This parody is much better than the original~

Sae: How about this one?

Sae: LOL This is completely dissing Takamina!

Kojiharu: This is awesome!!!

Paruru: “Effort will definitely rewarded….. huh? Are you crazy? (in annoying face)

Oh hai! I’m Shimazaki Haruka! (Big Smile!)”

love it!

Yannu: I think this is similar.

Ariyoshi: Ohhh, well since she is a villain, she can nail this as well, I guess.

Paruru: “Hai, I’m Shimazaki Haruka also known as Paruru from Saitama.

What? (Its’ boring?) Nope, catchphrase can be as lame as this!”

Kojiharu: LOL This is awesome~~~!!

Ariyoshi: I think she should just copy catchphrases of her seniors and made a parody/diss of them!

Paruru: I think it may be a good idea.

Ariyoshi: Miyazawa, what’s your catchphrase?

Sae: Mine? It goes like this,

“Jollity, innocence and energy, I’m Miyazawa Sae, 22 year old.”

Ariyoshi: Okay, Let’s practice with the catchphrase, Shimazaki!

Paruru: LOL

Paruru: Jollity, Innocence and Energy! I’m Shimazaki Haruka, 19 year old!

Dafuq? Are you stupid or something?


Paruru never fails to make us laugh when she talks about Anti….