Prime Minister Abe Shinzo meets AKB48 Akimoto Yasushi at Cool Japan Promotion Panel

  March 5, 2013

General producer of AKB48, the arguably most powerful figure in Japanese Entertainment Industry Akimoto Yasushi, meets primie minister Abe Shinzo, supposedly the most powerful Liberal Democrat in Japan.

The Cool Japan promotion panel held it’s first meeting.

The panel aim at making a proposal by April and it will be included in the growth strategy plan that the government will summarize and publish in June.

The panel includes 7 members from civilians including Akimoto Yasushi.

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Remarks made by Akimoto Yasushi

“We should consider Japan is a great country, and be confident enough to spread what we got to the world.

In short, what matters is confidence.”

– Could you describe your position in the panel by using AKB metaphor?

“It’s a tough question. Well, I guess I’m Kenkyusei among them.”