Magical Band from TV show “SKE48 no Magical Radio 3” will hold a live band concert

  March 4, 2013

It turned out that SKE48 from 48 group will have a live band mini concert, a special secret event which is a part of their namesake TV show, “SKE48 no Magical Radio 3”.

They will invite fans for free, and hold a concert in Tokyo.

SKE48 members play a live band as a virtual band, “Magical Band”, from the TV series.

It’s planned that they will perform the memorable songs that they’ve performed in the TV show, like those peculiar songs sang by Kitahara Rie.

The event will contain a comedic section that is elaborated to have interesting connection with their music. In addition, they suggested that there may be a chance that they will perform an original song made exclusively for the TV program.

In the TV show, “SKE no Magical Radio 3”, at the order of radio station’s president’s daughter Kitahara Rie, staffs at the station – including Takayanagi Akane and Yagami Kumi – formed a girls band.

The story depicts their struggle to make their live concert successful in order to keep the radio station alive.

Video: Kitahara Diamond – Kitahara Rie singing Ogoe Diamond live

Kitahara, whose singing skill weirdly known for Kitahara Diamond (Kitahara version of Ogoe Diamond), plays a vocalist role, Yagami Kumi plays a guitar, Hata Sawako for Drum, and Takayanagi Akane performs as a background chorus. But members real performance abilities with those music instrument is yet to known.

Yagami, although she says “I can’t play a guitar at all”, seems to be super motivated for the live concert.

Last year, it became a topic when AKB48 released a band-style song “Give Me Five” where members played music instruments as a band not as a singing group, which is usual style of their musical performance.

Furthermore, they’re adjusting things so that Matusi Jurina and Matrsui Rena, who are not included in a band in the original TV show, will also be able to join the live mini concert.

The footage of this live concert is scheduled to be aired on TV in the later episode.

TV producer at Nihon TV boradcasting, Mouri Shinobu says,

“I would like to create the TV show together with funs, sharing a joy and excitement that a virtual band “Magical Band” which only exits in the TV show will pop out from TV screen and actually perform as a real band.”

The concert will take place on March 26th.

source: Nikkan